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Three Steps to Shine Brighter

What would the world be like if every one of us could maintain our center in our own inner Light regardless of what was going on around us?  

What if we could all stay out of drama and in kindness, Love and understanding? Seeing the best in others while ALSO not compromising our values and integrity?  

That would be a glorious world! 

What if we spent all our energy building what we believed in instead of trying to destroy what we don't? 

What would it take? 

It would take each person carrying their own personal peaceful paradise inside of their heart and mind so that Light would be imperturbable!

Wow! That's really something to inspire!

What if your inner dialogue was always supportive of what was best for you and the world? Not what was easy. What was best?

How do you get there? Well......

What happens when you turn on the Light in a dark room?

The darkness vanishes and you can see all the cobwebs and clutter and junk that has been hiding (and growing!) under the cover of darkness. AHH hah!

Then you can choose to get out your dustpan and your broom and clean up the junk. 

You don't hate the cobwebs. You just say " Now I see you! You don't belong here, in my inner paradise." And you get to work cleaning. 🧹 🧼🧽

First. We each need to change our inner lightbulb so it is brighter and can reach all those sneaky corners where our inner junk is hiding. 


Divine PowerHouse exists to help you with exactly that! 

Here are the first steps on a Path to brightening up your Inner Light:

  1. Life Activation single healing session to plug you in

  • I do these every Friday and Sunday (and other times by appointment)

  1. Empower Thyself Training and initiation: weekend training and spiritual initiation to upgrade your circuitry and increase your wattage!

  • I do these regularly on weekends and it's my favorite thing to do!

  1. Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah: a 10-month step-by-step healing journey to effectively sweep out the cobwebs from your subconscious and clean up your inner paradise!

  • We are taking registrations for our next journey now. Email me to place your deposit and help make this happen in the Metro-Detroit area in 2024!

  • What is involved: four in-person weekend programs and monthly study groups on zoom.

  • If you want to travel, these programs are also offered every year in Boston, California, and London.

  • About the results people experience, from the mouth of a psychologist : "It's like 10 years of therapy in 10 months."

From there....if you want more, you may choose to continue up the ladder of Light so you can shine brighter and brighter! 

It changed my life for the better in so many ways I couldn't even imagine when I started!

And it can help you too ❤️ 

Let me know if you are ready for a life upgrade and are willing to make a commitment to yourself to achieve it! ❤️ 🔦💡

email me at to get started!

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