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Astral Travel is the art of expanding one’s consciousness in order to travel outside the realms of the physical reality.  



This course teaches you the tools and techniques to expand your consciousness so that you can explore the astral planes and other dimensions more safely and effectively. It also aids to improve meditation, conscious dreaming and journeying

By taking this course, you'll have the opportunity to:

  • Deepen your understanding of yourself as a spiritual being and reinforce your knowledge

  • Nurture your soul and spirit for genuine well-being

  • Gain insight into yourself and the nature of your existence

  • Connect with your inner guidance and enhance your ability to learn your lessons

  • Expand the realm of what's achievable in your life


Investment: $200
Prerequisites: Life Activation is highly recommended


Meet Your Instructor

Dr. Erin Bannink is a certified teacher through the Modern Mystery School. In addition to her current studies in the Western Mystery School lineage of King Salomon, Erin has intensively studied Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism in the lineage of the Dalai Lama, Yoga philosophy, mantra and inner body yoga since 2003. She continues to pursue her own studies and personal growth, as she believes that forward movement is vital to our physical and spiritual health and our ability to hold an effective and authentic space for others as they do the same. Every good teacher is also a student, always. 

Interested in Astral Travel?

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