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The Modern Mystery School is an open branch of the Western Mystery School tradition in the lineage of King Salomon which exists to empower humanity to create peace, working from the inside out, through a path of Spiritual Alchemy that has withstood the test of time. This is a true lineage which has been preserved, teacher to student, in an unbroken line for over 3000 years.


With a foundation in Universal Hermetic spiritual principles, the Path of Progression offered through the Modern Mystery School is beyond a specific religious affiliation or dogma but supports the basic universal tenets of living a successful and thriving human life, many of which can be identified in the major world religions founded on Love, Compassion and Kindness.


The mission of the Modern Mystery School is to bring up Light Leaders to support the establishment of Peace in the world. This is a path accomplished through personal responsibility, supporting conscious human evolution, right use of power and living with kindness, Love, and integrity to the best of our ability.


The mission of the Modern Mystery School is World Peace through the empowerment and upliftment of human hearts and minds. The King Salomon Mystery School lineage holders have been dedicated to this mission for over 3,000 years. The Modern Mystery School school exists to provide the teachings and tools people need to empower themselves, to reach the realization that they are their own greatest teacher, and to help them remember who they truly are.

Modern Mystery School Leadership
The Third Order

All authentic lineages have individuals who hold and anchor the energy, or keys, of the lineage for the planet. These main Key holders act to keep the teachings and the lineage pure so that those who seek to learn within the lineage receive effective and accurate information, tools and experiences.


In this lineage, the Third Order is the title given to these main Key holders. They work in cooperation to maintain the integrity of the lineage and its teachings. Learn more about each of the members of the Third Order by clicking on the link to their bio above.

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Counsel of Twelve

East: Eiko Gudnason, Luisa Nakagome, Tsukiko Kimura, Maki Otani, Suzuki Kitamura, Yoda Asuza; West (pictured): Franca Lanyon, Kate Bartram-Brown, Rita van den Berg, Liza Rossi, Ann Donnelly, Theresa Bullard

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The Counsel of Twelve is a group of twelve women from around the globe who are high initiates and serve as leadership for the Modern Mystery School. These women work closely with the Third Order on the projects and missions of the Modern Mystery School.


The Counsel of Twelve also serves to anchor Divine Feminine energy, Goddess energy, within the structure of the Modern Mystery School. This structure is a reflection and expression acknowledging the importance of the respectful and balanced cooperation and collaboration of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies in creating effectively in the world. The members of this Counsel rotate periodically as is necessary.

More from the Counsel of Twelve here.

Adapted from the website

"Begin as created. Become the Creator"


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