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Energy Healing for Pets & Their People

Energy Healing for You & Your Companion Animal During Health Recovery & Treatment.

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Distance Energy Healing for Pets & Their People

These sessions can be used as part of an integrative care approach to support physical healing for your pet and emotional balance for you.

You are included in this healing session because your pet is intimately attuned to your emotional state. If they are sick, you are likely sad, anxious, worried, or stressed. Your emotional stress impacts your pet. It is well recognized that dogs notice human emotional cues and discriminate between positive and negative emotions. Studies have also shown that dogs then manifest or experience the emotions corresponding to those their human is experiencing. 

(More on that HERE)


This session is a distance energy healing session to support your pet's healing and to support you in clearing unhelpful emotional patterns or behaviors that are increasing stress in your life...things like anxiety, excessive worry, rumination, anger, guilt. When unremitting and recurring, these stress patterns can adversely affect not only your quality of life but your pet's also.

Contact Dr. Bannink for a free consultation to discuss your pet's energy healing needs. (*please note Dr. Bannink does not do oncology consultations during these calls and will not answer questions about their conventional medicine care or diagnosis. For that you will need to set up an integrative oncology consultation at OVRS.)


You will choose a comfortable place to relax with your pet during the scheduled treatment time. You can enjoy time napping together, petting them or giving them a massage.

For optimal results, regular distance healing sessions are recommended during the course of your pets treatment or healing. Weekly, every other week or monthly depending on your pet's condition and your financial resources. 

For more energetic pets, offering them a kong or lick mat can give them something enjoyable to focus on to stay still and relaxed. Freezing the lick treat will help it last longer. I will contact you when the healing is starting and completed via text.

Investment: $300 (package pricing available)

I typically recommend a DNA "Healing Activation" scheduled toward the beginning of your pet's protocol for those interested in leveraging the best of the healing modalities I offer to support their healing ability. DNA healing activation is an in person energy activation session and cannot be done remotely.


Life Activation, while not required for the person, is strongly recommended to support you in the best way and open doors for deeper healing and stress relief. Life Activation must be done in person.

Click HERE to Book a session for yourself only.


Contact Dr. Erin Bannink for a free consultation about Live Activation, Empower Thyself Initiation or Healing Modalities she offers through Divine PowerHouse. (Note: Dr. Bannink does not consult on your pet's veterinary care or medical condition through Divine PowerHouse.)

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