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People who have received Life Activation have reported the following:

  • decreased daily stress

  • improved energy

  • clarity around life direction or purpose

  • increased communication with your Higher Self or "Inner Guidance"

  • beneficial changes in perspective which can help you make positive changes in your life

  • an improved sense of connection with and enthusiasm for life

  • and much more

Life Activation is an ancient modality handed down for thousands of years through an unbroken mystery school lineage whose desire is to help humanity step into our full potential by addressing healing on all levels: body, mind, soul and spirit. 



Life Activation is an ancient modality handed down for thousands of years through an unbroken mystery school lineage whose desire is to help humanity step into our full potential by addressing healing on all levels: body, mind, soul and spirit. 


Life Activation re-establishes connection to what can be thought of as your "Divine Blueprint" which is carried in your DNA and central to who you are in this life. It is a powerful tool in assisting you in experiencing more clarity in your life and reconnecting with your divine nature and human potential. 

A Life Activation session has many possible outcomes based on your personal circumstances, aspirations and goals which are unique to you. 


When we come to truly understand our own divinity and the potential we hold, we are able to gain clarity about our own life and what we can offer the world in service to supporting human thriving, spiritual evolution and the expression of God in our lives. Although some people experience immediate shifts, these results often unfold over time, in the years following your activation. The more personal work you have done, the more spiritually open you are and the more aware you are of the choices you are making in your life, the more you will notice. 

One of the beautiful things about Life Activation is that it will work for you even if you don't feel it. Over time you will become a more compassionate, balanced and calm version of yourself.​

For everyone, Life Activation opens the door to potentials. It is like planting seeds. How quickly the seed ripens and how it grows depends on how much water and energy you give it, the choices you make and how you choose to move forward as the potentials that are awakened present themselves to you. In other words, the potentials ripen when you act on them.


I offer this as a healing service to assist you on your path of Self Empowerment, Self Mastery and personal and spiritual well-being. ​​

Step into your understanding that YOU ARE a Divine PowerHouse.

It is your life and you have the power to live to your full potential, to live Awake.


Life Activation is a healing session. You simply receive. You will be standing for the first half of the session and then sitting for the last half. You don't have to do anything in particular. Many people close their eyes and listen to the relaxing music that is playing in the background during the session. You will receive the following:​

  • Crown Cap Removal

  • Full Energy System Balancing

  • Spiritual DNA Activation

  • A Short Reading

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Life Activation re-ignites your divine spark and strengthens your connection to your Higher Self. It is the first step in deeper personal healing.


The idea behind Life Activation is that as we begin to wake up to who we truly are, we are able to engage with life more fully. We develop greater clarity and peace around our life path and connect more fully with our unique purpose in life. As we connect more deeply with the truth of who we are, our well-being improves and we begin to heal at the level of our Soul and Spirit.


When we have more peace in our inner world and love ourselves more fully, we are able to authentically act with more peace and love toward others.


This shift in consciousness not only heals us but also, ultimately, the human heart at a time.

Investment: $300

(combine Life Activation with a Complete Energy Clean-up for a Package Discount: $450)

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Meet Your Healer

Dr. Erin Bannink is a certified guide, teacher and Life Activation practitioner through the Modern Mystery School

Through this work she assists people in remembering the powerful creative forces that they are by helping them bridge the disconnect between the physical and the spiritual parts of themselves so they can: 

  • experience greater inner peace

  • learn effective ways to create a life they actually enjoy living aligned with their unique life purpose

  • and contribute in positive ways to our human evolution

She believes everyone is capable of achieving clear inner guidance and that any authentic tradition should empower individuals to connect with their own inner guidance and power in the Light. It is in this way that effective personal transformation occurs.

It is through a path of empowerment, responsibility and Love that we will come into our full expressions and live the life of our Dreams.

Interested in Life Activation?

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