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Spiritual Mentorship

Reframe, Reconnect and Recenter

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What is a Spiritual Mentorship Session?

For those interested in exploring their Spiritual Power and putting effort into making positive changes in their life, I am offering virtual and in-person sessions to provide a space to explore these places of spiritual growth and formulate a daily plan to help you nurture your capacity to stay centered in your place of power, create better life balance and experience more joy and fulfillment.


Whether you are looking for support in connecting with a higher purpose, identifying opportunities for growth, developing a more empowering approach to life, exploring a specific aspect of your spiritual practice or soul growth, learning more about your spiritual guides, life-brainstorming, building a personalized practice, accessing your own insights and inner guidance, reconnecting to the Soul of who you are, or improving self-care, I would be honored to help you facilitate your process of living in your best life.


Spiritual Mentorship Sessions are offer via Zoom or In-person.

Contact me for more information or to Schedule:


Investment: $120/ hour

Pre-Requisite: Life Activation.

Empower Thyself Initiation is strongly recommended.


Contact Dr. Erin Bannink for a free consultation about Live Activation, Empower Thyself Initiation or Healing Modalities she offers through Divine PowerHouse. 

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