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Get in touch to chat if you want to schedule or learn more about healings, classes, workshops, and tools for your human self-empowerment lifestyle. 

Please note:

Dr. Erin Bannink does not under any circumstances answer emails about veterinary medicine or veterinary cancer care through Divine PowerHouse. Divine PowerHouse is her business for human spiritual training, energetic healing and metaphysical classes. She is happy to answer questions you have about your own healing, spiritual growth and spiritual studies related to services she offers in Divine PowerHouse. Tending to your own care, wellness and healing is also important as you are caring for others, including a pet with cancer. This site is for you, to help you create your best life using lineage-based metaphysical methods to support your efforts in improving your wellness and thriving. 


If you are looking for information on integrative veterinary oncology please visit her website: 


Dr. Bannink does not offer tele-consultations directly with pet parents about integrative cancer treatment because it is not legal for her to prescribe to patients out of state. If you are looking for integrative cancer management advice for your pet, your pet must be actively under the care of a Chinese medicine trained veterinarian in your area who is willing to manage your pet's care and prescribe herbal treatments. Your herbal medicine veterinarian can subscribe to my MettaPets Veterinary Professional Membership and schedule a tele-consultation with me on your pet's behalf. I can then speak directly with your prescribing veterinarian to guide care recommendations which they will implement.

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