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Healing Services

Divine PowerHouse

These services are offered to provide spiritual and energetic support and empower you to create positive change in your life, develop a clear connection to your own inner guidance, cultivate inner balance, grow in your spiritual path, and connect more fully with your sense of Life Purpose.

life activation dna.png

Life Activation

This is the first step to truly activate healing, to bring more clarity to your life, and jump start your Path of Empowerment.


This healing opens up your potential, balances your energy structure, activates your gifts and supports your connection with your Higher Self.

Ensofic Ray Reiki

The Universal First Ray of Creation, the Ensofic Ray, is utilized in this healing modality.

These sessions can be used to support physical healing, or to support your work in healing from emotional or mental disturbance.

ensofic ray.png
distance healing for pets.png

Distance Healing for Pets

Energy Healing for You and Your Animal Companion


These sessions can be used to support your pet's physical healing and your emotional balance. 

Energy Cleanup photo.png

Energy Clearing

This "energy clean-up" clears heavy energy, cuts energetic cords and infuses Light into your field to leave you feeling lighter.

Pre-Requisite: Life Activation

energy cleanup sage.png
empower thyself.png

Empower Thyself

This is the second step in your Empowerment and Self-Healing and is recommended if you are ready to create positive change in your life and desire to accelerate your personal growth and  transformation.

Pre-Requisite: Life Activation

Energy Cleanup photo.png

Auric Region Healing

This is advanced King Salomon Healing  Modality which works to deeply and thoroughly clear traumas and other blocks from your auric field, multidimentionally and multi-generationally.

Pre-Requisite: Life Activation

Empower Thyself Initiation recommended

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