These services are offered to provide spiritual and energetic support to you as you learn to empower yourself to create positive change in your life, develop a clear connection to your own inner guidance, cultivate inner balance, grow in your spiritual path, and connect more fully with your sense of Life Purpose.

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Empower Your Life

A Life Activation session has many potential outcomes based on your personal circumstances, aspirations and goals.

In short, Life Activation re-establishes connection to what can be thought of as your "Divine Blueprint".

A Life Activation can be a powerful tool in assisting you in reconnecting with your divine nature and human potential.

When we come to truly understand our own divinity and the potential we hold, we are able to gain clarity about our own life and what we can offer the world in service to supporting human thriving, spiritual evolution and the expression of God in our lives.


This is the path to personal and global peace and well-being.

I offer this as a service to assist you on your path of Self-Empowerment, and personal and spiritual well-being. 

Life Activation is an ancient modality handed down for thousands of years through an unbroken mystery school lineage whose desire was to help humanity step into our full potential by addressing healing on all levels: body, mind, soul and spirit. It is based on the foundations of hermetic teachings, which are the root of all authentic spiritual traditions on the planet and beyond religion, creed or beliefs.

These are some of the practical results people have described experiencing after a Life Activation:

| decreased daily stress |

| improved energy |

| clarity around life direction or purpose |

| increased communication with your Higher Self or "Inner Guidance" |

| beneficial changes in perspective which can help you make positive changes in your life |

| an improved sense of connection with and enthusiasm for life |

| and much more |

Step into your understanding that YOU ARE a Divine PowerHouse.

It is your life and you have the power to live to your full potential, to live Awake. 

Contact me to schedule your Life Activation: info@divinepowerhouse.com

More details on Life Activation and other services to assist your growth below.

I signed up for a Life Activation because I was looking for deeper guidance during a new stage of my life. Since my Life Activation I’ve felt a more natural and spontaneous urge to do certain things which are helpful to receiving internal guidance that I didn’t do much before, like journaling. For a few days after the Life Activation my emotions felt more intensified. When I experienced worry I felt it at a deeper level. When I felt at peace it was at a level I had not experienced before. This intensification went away quickly and what has stayed with me is a more genuine sense of what I want to do and who I want to be. It’s easier for me to express and connect more deeply with myself on a day to day basis in a way that didn’t feel accessible before.



Empower Your Life

The idea behind Life Activation is that as we begin to wake up to who we truly are, we are able to engage with life more fully. We develop greater clarity and peace around our life path and connect more fully with our unique purpose in life. As we connect more deeply with the truth of who we are, our well-being improves. When we have more peace in our inner world and love ourselves more fully, we are able to authentically act with more peace and love toward others. This shift in consciousness not only heals us but also, ultimately, the world....one human heart at a time.

These must be done in person.


Contact me to schedule : info@divinepowerhouse.com

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Reframe, Reconnect and Recenter

For those interested in exploring their Spiritual Power and putting effort into making positive changes, I am offering virtual and in-person sessions to provide a space to explore these places of spiritual growth and formulate a daily plan to help you nurture your capacity to stay centered in your place of power. Whether you are looking for support in connecting with a higher purpose, identifying opportunities for growth, developing a more empowering approach to life, exploring a specific aspect of your spiritual practice or soul growth, learning more about your spiritual guides, life-brainstorming, building a personalized practice, accessing your own insights and inner guidance, reconnecting to the Soul of who you are, I would be honored to help you facilitate your process of living in your Light.

Spiritual Mentorship Sessions (Virtual or In-person):

Contact me for more information or to Schedule: info@divinepowerhouse.com

Pre-Requisite: Life Activation is not required but is strongly recommended

I am offering sessions in Addison Township, as well as now at Red Lotus Yoga in Rochester Hills, MI.



Clear Your Energy Field

The Basic Energy Clean-up Session Includes:

Negative energy removal

Cord cutting

Purification by Light

$150 per session

$25 Add on: Energize a wish or prayer for your life

Discount for those who have received a Life Activation:

$125 per session

$600 for a package of six monthly sessions

Contact me to schedule : info@divinepowerhouse.com

or use the scheduler below to book your appointment

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The Universal First Ray of Creation, the Ensofic Ray, is utilized in these sessions to support your healing.

These sessions can be used to support physical healing, or to support your work in healing from emotional or mental disturbance.


$200 per 60 minute session

$150/session now through august 8, 2022 for those who have received a Life Activation

Contact me to schedule : info@divinepowerhouse.com

or use the scheduler below to book your appointment

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Balance Your Energy

Stress affects our physical and emotional bodies as well as our energy. These physical, emotional and energetic aspects of us are intimately related and affect each other. This session assists in relieving feelings of stress by balancing these different aspects of our body, mind and bioelectromagnetic systems.


Contact me to schedule : info@divinepowerhouse.com

or use the scheduler below to book your appointment



Repair Your Energy Depletion

Energy is associated with everything around us. We are also, fundamentally, both energetic and physical beings. These energetic and physical aspects of ourself are intimately related and are affected by the stressors of daily life. Emotional stress, improper nutrition, toxins, caffeine, alcohol, and just living life can damage or deplete our bioelectromagnetic field leaving us feeling exhausted, vulnerable, emotionally variable and unusually sensitive.


The bioelectromagnetic field of the human body is commonly called the "aura". This bioelectromagnetic field is also referred to by different names in ancient healing traditions such as the pranic body in yoga and qi in Chinese Medicine. It is also the topic of current scientific research.

"Evaluation of the human bioelectromagnetic field in medicine: the development of methodology and prospects are at the present scientific stage."


Contact me to schedule : info@divinepowerhouse.com