Erin has worked as a board certified veterinary oncologist and Chinese Medicine veterinary herbalist and acupuncturist since 2007. She graduated veterinary school in 2002 and completed her veterinary oncology residency training in 2006. She achieved yoga teacher certification through Yoga Studies Institute in 2010. She is an Adept Second Step Initiate in the Healer's Path and First Step Initiate in the Ritual Master Path in the Modern Mystery School, an open branch of the Western Mystery School tradition in the lineage of King Salomon which is founded on Universal Hermetic spiritual principles found in all major world religions but which are, themselves, beyond a specific religious affiliation or dogma.


In addition to her current studies in the Western Mystery School lineage with the Modern Mystery School, Erin has intensively studied Tibetan Buddhism, Yoga philosophy, inner body yoga, and independent and intuitively guided spiritual practices since 2003. She continues to pursue her own studies and personal growth, as she believes that forward movement is vital to our physical and spiritual health and our ability to hold an effective and authentic space for others as they do the same. Every good teacher is also a student, always. 


Erin's spiritual approach to living is heavily influenced by her personal experiences navigating these studies and practices, and the internal guidance which has developed because of that journey. She believes everyone is capable of achieving clear inner guidance and that any authentic tradition should empower individuals to connect with their own inner guidance and power in the Light. It is in this way that effective personal transformation occurs. It is for this reason that she has pursued training to provide Life Activations to assist others in this process of Self-Mastery and connecting with their personal guides and inner guidance.


She has led countless classes, workshops and retreats on topics including yoga, meditation, Tibetan Buddhist philosophy, pranayama, kirtan, and mantra.

Erin has a particular interest in bridging the gap which is often perceived between science and spirituality, recognizing that only when we acknowledge the interaction and interdependence of the physical, spirit and soul can we find wholeness, authenticity and deep healing. She has a dream that one day we will all come to know and love ourselves for the powerful creative forces that we are.

It is through a path of empowerment, responsibility and Love that we will come into our full expressions and live the life of our Dreams.

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