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Can You Use Your Mind to "Fix" Your Mind?

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Think happy thoughts. Peaceful thoughts. Thoughts of Love and joy.

From these thoughts come happy actions, peaceful actions, loving and joyful actions.

This is the way to Peace.

All things start within. We are all so, so powerful. We all, together, can rise above the fray.

  • It takes strong individuals to build strong communities.

  • It takes clear individuals to build communities that are balanced.

  • It takes healed individuals to build communities that are healthy.

  • It takes Spiritually Bright individuals to build communities that hold Light, that perpetuate and evolve Light.

  • It takes peaceful individuals to build communities that are peaceful.

  • It take individuals with Good thoughts to build communities that think in a Good way, that build Good things, that create Good things.

We are each vital cogs in this wheel of humanity!

Reality Check

So what if you are not having nice thoughts?

What if you live in worry, fear, anxiety, depression, overwhelm, hopelessness...or what if you live in anger, resentment, judgement?

Can you use your mind to fix your mind?

That is something I studied in depth for over 10 years in the Mahayana Buddhist tradition, the lineage of the Dalai Lama. It's a main focus of that tradition, in addition to compassion training. Understanding the phenomenon of the human mind and how it creates our reality. Mahamudra, called "the great seal" is about what is called "the Emptiness of the Mind". In that tradition they talk a lot about nature of Mind.

This is interesting because most of us live our lives thinking we are our minds. Essentially, living as if we are our thoughts. And then taking action based on those thoughts, defending those thoughts, doing things based on those thoughts. Thinking that we are preserving ourselves, defending ourselves.

But our thoughts are just another reflection of our inner world. They are just another reflection of our past thoughts, words and actions. They aren't us. They are a window into the results of the choices we have made in the past.

What is Your Mind and Can You "Fix" It?

In the Emptiness of Mind teachings in Buddhism they ask the question "Can you use a broken mind to fix a broken mind?"

And then you study, you contemplate really hard, you logic your way around your belief systems that have you acting in ways that hurt you, you meditate, you meditate some more, years and years and years. You work to act with kindness, to not act upon the unvirtuous thoughts. To redirect ugly thoughts to pretty ones.

That's nice.

It definitely helps. A lot!

We must think in positive uplifting ways.

But in my experience, what happens is that, although those naughty thoughts might indeed be less strong, less frequent, or of a different flavor...they are always still there...niggling in the background. And then "WHAM!" sneaking up on you when you least expect it.

Despire your best efforts, you still suffer. Your thoughts are the source of all your suffering. The stories you tell yourself....which are thoughts....are the cause of your suffering. Think about it. You will prove it to yourself.

In studying Mahayana Buddhism for 10 years, I learned the power and importance of proving things to myself through logic. I learned a really helpful way to more accurately understand how our human belief systems structure everything we do: the choices we make, the thoughts we have, the ideas we are willing to entertain.

In that way our beliefs BECOME our reality, because we MAKE our reality through the influence of our belief system.

So, can a broken mind fix a broken mind? Let's explore!

First. We have to ask, "So, is my mind really broken???"

That's the first argument that will come up.

Well, in a sense. If your mind is causing you's broken....or at least it is making your life broken. And you are not here to create a broken life. You are here to create a beautiful life. You are here to create love and experience joy.

If this body and mind is the vehicle in which you create your life (and it is!), and the vehicle of the mind is not helping you do that....then it needs some tuning up....just like you would a car that wasn't running like you wanted it to.

For example, if your car was constantly pulling to the right, so you had to always exert effort to pull that steering wheel to the far left to counteract that pull in order to go in a straight go where you wanted to wouldn't just say, "Well, that's just how my car is. That's how my car has always been. I'll just get super strong in my left arm so I can muscle that steering wheel to the left 24/7. Maybe sometimes I'll get tired and roll into the ditch, but that's okay. My car isn't perfect."

That sounds silly, right?! You wouldn't do that.

You would take your car in for an alignment. You would have the mechanic get your wheels aligned so that you could drive in a straight line without so much effort.

Your mind is like that. You can muscle it. You can shove things down and choose not to act on the thoughts that are not going to get you to your goals or you can try to redirect them. You can definitely do that. And you will need to. Until you don't need to any more. That is where meditation, mindfulness practices, cognitive behavioral therapy and positive psychology can help us.

And that takes a lot of effort, constantly. I know. It gets exhausting. I lived like that a long time. There is a low level of stress, and an underlying current of suffering, that is always in the background when we live that way. And the amazing thing is that MOST people live that way, whether they are consciously aware of it or not. Just look around. Low level stress --> anxiety, exhaustion, illness, depression, the list goes on and on.

Right there, we can see that we can use our mind to redirect our mind. But that doesn't really "fix" the root of the problem.

We can use our body to redirect our go for a long run, have a nice hard workout to reset our mind. But that doesn't realign the mind at the source of the misalignment.

So, how do you realign?

How do you "fix" a broken mind? Or, we could say, how do you clear the slate, root out the source of the negative thoughts that are threatening to run us into the proverbial ditch the minute we let up our effort?

That level of readjustment requires us to work beyond the level of mind and physical body. The answer, the alignment, needs to happen on the level of Soul and Spirit....

Now, there are probably a number of flavors of doing that. I only know what I know from my studies, personal application and resulting personal experience putting a lot of techniques and teaching into practice. I have done a lot of things. Many of them didn't work. Some of them worked but it took a LONG time to make a small amount of progress which was inconsistent. Some of them worked amazingly well to make one small quantum leap and then there was no more forward movement. That was it. Although I was so much better at managing myself and my inner environment, I was still stuck with the same old thoughts and patterns and obstacles that had always been there.

And then....after a lot of prayer and asking my Guides for a community I could grow with, that would be safe and effective, that would be authentic with Good people and a healthy community, that would meet me where I was and would understand all the strange things I had experienced, that would help me move forward...a Path presented itself to me. Or rather, I heard someone talking about Life Activation on Gaia TV and decided to take the leap and get one even though I had no idea what it really was.

There is a long story from there. But, the short of it is that it has brought me to a Path of personal transformation that really works. And it works quickly if you use the practices every day. Which is why Divine PowerHouse is now dedicated to bringing those healing modalities, initiations and tools of power to you.

A Time Tested Spiritual Path That Works

The most rapid and effective techniques I have experienced are ones I received and learned through the Modern Mystery School, an authentic Mystery School tradition which teaches daily practices to reconnect, realign and clear and which provides a foundation on which to be able to actually access the inner power to clear out the junk from our subconscious that is driving our unhelpful thinking.

Now, I have always been spiritually curious, so the general concepts about sacred geometry, mysticism, and consciousness which are widely available through the internet, books and TV shows were nothing new to me. I already understood that what we think matters. What we do matters. That WE are the creators of our own life. WE are responsible for EVERYTHING we see. The obstacle I was facing was that all that information wasn't helping me experience RESULTS in my life.


Information Doesn't Change You. Experience Does.

What allowed me to have a new experience of myself?

Spiritual Activations and Initiations.

Specifically Mystery School initiations into an authentic and ancient lineage of Light...a lineage thousands of years old consisting of people who have been doing the work of holding the energy for the evolution of humanity back to our native that is divine, Alive with Spirit, and JOYFUL.

Spiritual Activations and Initiation, if we are using the analogy of the car again, are kind of like changing the spark plugs...or even putting in a new engine. You car people might have even better putting in a new electrical board.

The Mystery Schools have preserved this powerful tune-up, upgrade and realignment process for humanity for centuries. And now you can EXPERIENCE direct physical spiritual initiation in person with a Guide who is trained to pass on the power of this spiritual initiation to you, if you want it.

Not everyone wants to step into the responsibility of change. I know that. This isn't for those people. And that's perfectly fine.

But a LOT of people do. A lot of people would if there was something that really worked.

If you are willing to do the work, this works! At least it worked for me and for tons of other people I know who decided they were done with suffering and continued to walk forward.

It is very possible for you to learn how to tweak the matrix, and then to choose a life beyond it. It is very possible to live Magick every day.

This isn't a "quick fix".

We are not here in this human experience and all its inherent challenges for a "quick fix". That doesn't help us learn. We are all humans in learning, in spiritual school you could say. We are here to learn and grow. This path of initiation is for those who want to learn and grow and live life Alive and help others do the same.

All things start with actions taken within your circle of influence.

Thoughts about "should do's" outside your sphere of influence, unactionable mental chatter, are wasted energy.

You are definitely within your circle of influence so that's the best place to start!

So, Can You Use Your Mind to Fix Your Mind?

In oncology speak...bear with me...I am an oncologist after all! Yes to get "partial remission" of your negative thoughts. No to actually curing them.

While it is very important to learn to control your thoughts, to master them so they do not master you, if you are not cleaning up the source of those thoughts the danger is that this can create fertile ground for good intentioned people to start living out of alignment and out of integrity....expressing distorted versions of an a hypocritical promoting peace and trying hard to act peaceful while anger festers inside them and they are feeding that energy out into the world which is feeding exactly the same energy they say they want to get rid of...people can feel that conflict and it always makes its way to the surface. There are lots of other examples. You get the picture and I'm sure you have examples in your own life.

So, if you want a cure? You gotta look deeper!

You gotta work at the quantum level....beyond the mind and the physical the level of your spiritual blueprint.

What worked for me to get to the core of the misalignments?

Life Activation and Empower Thyself!

And from there I chose to take the path of the Warrior of Light...Healer and Warrior.

That path is open to you too. It is open to anyone who wants it.

And I've done the work to be able to open the door for you to experience your own inner healing and step on the path of the greatest journey you will ever take....the journey to Know Thyself....the Mystery School path of knowing who you really are...beyond your thoughts and your mind.

That is a lifelong journey that never ends. You are never "perfect".

That isn't the point.

The point is whether you can create a Beautiful life and help others do the same.

Whether you can live with more Joy today than you did yesterday.

Whether you can be an example of Light in the world and be strong enough to hold that torch alight for others who are also interested to make their way out of suffering.

If you've read this far, I LOVE you extra big! Thanks for being curious. Have a beautiful day. Make your life beautiful! Be Kind. Love big. And be Strong in that love. The world needs You.

And reach out to me to take Empower Thyself. It will change your life if you actually WANT to change. You have everything you need right inside you. You just need the keys to open the doors to the Mystery that is You.

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Starr Bielas
Starr Bielas
Dec 04, 2023

Love, love, love this! I hope to one day be able to convey what is in my head and heart to others, as you so eloquently do every day! I Call Upon the Archangels each day to assist me with this.

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