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If You Could Change Your Life in 10 minutes a Day, Would You Do It?

I am happier now than I have ever been in my life. That is possible for you too. It's possible for everyone!

That doesn't mean there are not challenges. It does mean that you can move through them with much more ease than you do now. That doesn't mean you will be perfect.

Life isn't about being perfect, it is about being Whole.

I am more whole now than I have ever been. The result? Peace has taken the place of the anxious feelings that were once my constant companion that I believed I would just "have to learn to live with." I thought that was just how I was, who I was.

I was wrong.

It isn't something you DO that improves your quality of life. It is something you BECOME.

So, how did I BECOME more peaceful? I did something! And I continue to do it every day.

I did something I had never done before. I did something that made me a little nervous, because I had never done anything like it before. I stepped out of my comfort zone, out of what I knew, and into a new experience that opened doors I have never explored before.

I took my fear by the hand and let my heart walk us into the unknown. And it was the best decision I ever made!

I took the Empower Thyself Program and then I did everything I learned in that class twice a day every day. It literally took me 10 minutes a day.

What happened for me?

From the outside: Dan and I bought our dream home after being financially "stuck" in our starter house for 16 years. We were able to buy into Dan's company and achieve more financial stability. I was able to change my work situation to be doing what I wanted to be doing and make MORE money doing it.

On the Inside: My mind is quieter than it has ever been before. I no longer experience the low level anxiety that used to accompany me throughout the day. I am at peace in a way that I never was. I am fulfilled in my work. I am less stressed overall. And so much more that would take me too long to outline here. That's a story for an in-person chat over tea.

What will happen for you?

I don't know. That is for you to decide and to discover!

If You Could Change Your Life in 10 minutes a Day, Would You Do It?

If so, let me share with you the How.

I want to share with you all the amazing details about the Divine PowerHouse Empower Thyself Training and Initiation I offer to provide you with the same essential tools, practices and perspectives that helped me build an effective foundation for healing, growth and life empowerment in ways I had never experienced before.

This 2-day Spiritual MasterClass training and Initiation is much more results-driven than your typical masterclass event and I want you to understand how it could transform your life! 

What sets this apart?

Empower Thyself is a MasterClass for the Soul!

Here we are specifically focusing on spiritual growth, healing and nurturing your Soul. You can think of it like a Spiritual Continuing Education experience for your Soul, backed by the power of an unbroken Mystery School lineage to help you make quantum leaps in your life.


In this world we are taught to value and focus on the physical, mental and emotional. Opportunities to learn how to care for the Soul are rare. The result is that many of us have neglected to nurture our Soul and Spirit, which are the source of our passion for life and our Joy! This causes what I call a “Soul sickness” which cannot be cured through thinking or any kind of medicine.

While you will learn very practical tools, this Spiritual Masterclass Training and Initiation will open the door for you to expand into the spiritual dimensions of life that support you on a completely different level.

Through this thoughtfully curated spiritual empowerment weekend retreat experience you will learn time-tested tools to help you master your life as well as methods to create positive results in personal transformation, cultivate joy, relieve stress, connect with inner peace, develop more self-compassion, increase your energy, and create improved well-being.

As you put what you learn into practice, in just 10 minutes a day, you will create the conditions to move beyond surviving to authentically thriving. I know it sounds too good to be true. But I've done it. And it made a huge difference in my life.

The Importance of Healthy Spirituality in Modern Times

In these times physical, emotional and mental stress have reached almost epidemic proportions. One of the common manifestations of disconnect from our Soul and Spirit is anxiety, depression, apathy and loss of passion. Many spiritual traditions have us looking to some guru or external source for answers. It is important to understand you have the answers inside of you. 

Healthy spirituality teaches us how to access the information we need to heal at a deeper level and to connect with passion and meaning in our life. It helps us clarify our mission and purpose. 

Understanding this connects us with our true human capacity: to create the life of our dreams. 

This calls for a powerful reframe into the ancient origins of the human spirituality traditions, which always taught that our own best teacher is right inside of us and that we are the creators of our own world. The ever growing field of quantum physics says the same thing, validating with metaphysics what the ancient lineage-based mystery school traditions have taught their initiates for millennia.

We need healthy, self-empowering spirituality in order to understand what it means to take responsibility for our own actions in our life, understand the results of the choices we are making and be able to use that knowledge to create powerful and positive change in our own lives. 

From there we experience inner peace, and we are then able to be leaders for Peace in the world. 

We are all leaders in our own way. This retreat is for leaders who are interested in becoming agents of positive change in the world by first becoming agents for positive change in their own lives. That is a process. There are clear steps you can walk on a time-tested path of initiation to achieve Self-Mastery and thriving.

  • Step 1: service to yourself - self-care and self-healing - that is what the Empower Thyself Training and Initiation is all about!

  • Step 2: service to others - helping others heal

  • Step 3: service to the world - living a life focused on something bigger than yourself and doing what you can to make the world a better place by your being in it. 

We can sometimes get out of order with these steps. For example, if we have not done our own inner healing and care and we are trying to change the world, our foundation isn't strong and it will crumble, so we are constantly rebuilding. 

When we do things in an effective order, our capacity to accomplish our dreams is exponentially higher.

Initiate Something New for Your Life

Initiation means “to start something”. In order to experience yourself and your life differently you must do things differently. That requires reframing and developing a fresh perspective that is effective at helping you be even more successful in your life. 

So what are you starting in the Empower Thyself Program?

  • You are starting the process of understanding and eliminating your “shadow side” that is acting as an obstacle to manifesting what you desire.

  • You are starting a new relationship with yourself that will bring more power and success in achieving your goals.

  • You are beginning a new way of being in the world, informed by a deeper understanding of who you are, which will allow you to live with more peace and energy to do what is important to you.

Initiation is key to making quantum leaps in your growth and healing.

The Ancient Mystery Schools have been helping humans in this way for thousands of years, and the Mystery School lineage of King Salomon for well over 3000 years. This Empowerment Retreat brings you the teachings, healings, tools of power and spiritual initiation in this authentic and ancient Western Mystery School lineage to increase the amount of power you have to make positive changes in your life.

Whether you are looking to increase your productivity, improve your level of energy, feel more peaceful amidst the challenges of daily life, let go of limiting beliefs that are acting as obstacles to your ability to live the life you want to be living, alleviate burnout, find a new inspired direction for your life, or heal from past traumas or conditioning that are blocking you from experiencing happiness and joy, this is a Path that has worked for thousands of people, it worked for me, and it can work for you!

How Initiation Works

You might not be familiar with the concept of initiation so I’d like to explain that a little here. We will talk much more about it during the Empower Thyself Training

Initiation is step two after Life Activation. Why? I like to use the analogy of a computer, as we can all relate to how that works on a basic level. If we think of this physical vehicle as a data processing unit, similar to a computer, Life Activation plugs you in. If you aren’t plugged in, nothing else you do to the computer system will matter. Life activation plugs you in to your Higher Self and activates what you could think of as your “divine blueprint” or divinity codes so you can access information from your Higher Self more readily. 

You are plugged in after Life Activation but, using the computer analogy, you are still running everything through the same old operating system.

Initiation is different than activation.

Initiation is a way to deliver spiritual Light into your physical body. I liken this to an operating systems upgrade. Upgrading the operating system on a computer allows the computer to process information more efficiently, run new programs and hold more information.

Similarly, Spiritual Initiation in an authentic and ancient mystery school lineage upgrades your operating system. You are able to hold 10 times the amount of energy (Light), meaning you have 10 times the power and a higher capacity to make positive change in your life. 

Challenges will still present themselves to you. But with your systems upgrade you will now have a higher capacity to overcome those obstacles more efficiently if you should choose to do the things necessary for you to maintain the health and functioning of that new energy system and do proper maintenance.

The rituals and meditations you learn in the Empower Thyself training are like those things necessary to maintain efficient operation of this “You 2.0”, defrag the signals, and reboot to maintain top performance.

Life Activation is a pre-requisite for Empower Thyself, so you will have received that before Empower Thyself. You receive Empower Thyself initiation at the end of the Empower Thyself Program on Sunday. 

Initiation has been an essential experience for every Master that has walked the earth. It is a game changer! And with this Empowerment Retreat you will have a complete protocol to maintain your energy.

Content and Structure

I've set up the Empower Thyself Program to be an intimate setting where you will be able to connect with me and your fellow students, share meaningful conversation, build positive relationships and relax in a beautiful and nurturing environment as you experience the benefits of cultivating a new lifestyle through daily practices to assist you in gaining helpful insights about yourself and what you need to Thrive. 

Throughout this 2-day retreat-style experience you will learn a new meditation technique that has been passed down to initiates in the Mystery School lineage of King Salomon throughout time, complete the Empower Thyself training and receive a sacred spiritual initiation into the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light.

You will also have the opportunity to learn more about other healings I offer to support you, as well as additional classes and trainings that are available should you wish to pursue additional training to deepen your understanding and abilities in the future.

This Empower Thyself Spiritual Masterclass Training and Initiation is designed to set you up for success in achieving results and transformation.

You will learn Ancient Mystery School tools of power to support your continued growth and healing after the course is over so that, as you put what you learn into practice, you will experience greater wellbeing and increased capacity to achieve your goals, overcome obstacles and catalyze your ability to move through life lessons more quickly. It works if you do the work.

In the 2-Day Empower Thyself Training You Will:

  1. Learn techniques that will support you in becoming more balanced, grounded and self-aware.

  2. Develop your connection to your higher self, inner guidance and intuition.

  3. Be empowered to live life focused on the bigger picture, exercising greater choice and influence over your behavior so that you have a higher capacity to positively impact your life and struggle less with the “small stuff”.

  4. Gain greater connection and protection in the Light.

  5. Access and flow 10 times more energy in your life!

  6. Understand how your ego works and how to clean up the influence of your negative ego on your True Self.

  7. Become more empowered to redefine your identity to be in alignment with who you really are and to shift your life to support your higher desires.

  8. Examine what it means to be a human, why you were born and how to come into greater alignment with your life purpose.

  9. Catalyze your progression in life and get energy flowing in areas of your life where it has been stagnating.

What You Will Learn

Sanctuary Meditation

Receive clearer, more direct guidance from your Higher Self to illuminate your life’s journey. The Sanctuary Meditation is a sacred tool for reliably accessing your very own spiritual sanctuary in order to commune directly with your Higher Self and receive clearer guidance to elevate and enhance your life.

Chi Do

A simple movement practice to strengthen your energy fields for health, healing and more energy in your day to day life.

Six Mystery School Lineage Rituals 

These are easy to do and will help you in your day-to-day life, healing, personal protection and manifestation:

1. The Magick Circle (protection and setting space)

2. The Calling Upon Ritual (angelic assistance)

3. The Affirmation to Healing (personal healing)

4. The Prayer of Protection (protection and energy clearing)

5. The Qabalistic Cross (protection)

6. The Pattern on the Trestle Board (activation of divine energies)

This is your 10 minute daily practice to transform your life.

The Western Mystery School Lineage Story of Creation

You will learn what the ancient lineage teachings say about who we are and what we are doing here. You will learn a new way to conceptualize God and your relationship with the Source of creation in order to achieve your highest human potential and learn to work with divine forces that are here to support you on your human journey. You will learn the Mystery School teachings on what it means to be human, the purpose of life, and how to come into greater alignment with your personal spiritual mission.

What is Blocking You in Your Life

You will learn a way to understand one of the main inner dynamics that blocks you from joy, peace and happiness and how to transcend these obstacles in order to create the life you want to be living and experience greater inner peace.

...and much more!

What You Will Receive with Your Registration

  1. A “clarity consultation” with me prior to finalizing your registration to answer any questions and to make sure this training is what you are looking for.

  2. Personal Energy Clearing and Emotional Cord Cutting session prior to the Empower Thyself Weekend.

  3. 2-Day Empower Thyself Training : Saturday and Sunday 10am-7pm.

  4. Sunday evening we conclude our retreat with a Sacred Spiritual Initiation into the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light that clears some things from your energy field that are not service you any longer and gives you access to 10 times more Light energy for more power to make positive changes in your life.

  5. Special gifts from me at the end of the program to support you as you re-enter life with your new energy and spiritual resources.

  6. A follow-up one-on-one spiritual mentorship session with me within 1-4 weeks of program completion.

Why Divine PowerHouse?

Each of us is unique. Each of us has a purpose. Each of us embodies a Divine Power. Each of us has a personalized Path to learning who we truly are and living our highest life. This human vehicle is a Divine PowerHouse. You are a Divine PowerHouse! 

At its heart, Divine PowerHouse is about providing the tools and training you need to get in touch with your personal power. You carry the answers you need right inside you. You have come equipped with everything you need to live a life that expresses your highest potential. It's part of your makeup as a human being. You just need to develop the sensitivity and skill that allows you to access that inner wisdom effectively and accurately. 

In Divine PowerHouse you will find healing services, workshops, classes and resources to support you on your journey of Self-discovery and Self-empowerment, with a focus on meditation and Self-mastery techniques in the ancient mystery school lineage of King Salomon through the Modern Mystery School. 

It is through a path of empowerment, responsibility and Love that you grow into your full expressions and live the life of your Dreams!

  • Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

  • Are you feeling stuck in your life and ready to move forward?

  • Do you feel there must be more to life?

  • Are you at a crossroads and ready to forge a new path that connects with your heart?

  • Do you want to be a healer?

  • Do you feel called to be a Light Leader?

  • Are you ready to heal?

  • Are you ready to make yourself a priority?

  • Are you interested in creating positive connections with others who share a similar interest and passion for spiritual growth and personal transformation?

  • Are you open to new ways of thinking about life and the world?

  • Do you value the acknowledgement of Spiritual and Soul development as part of a comprehensive path to "whole-self wellness”?

  • Are you ready to create new daily habits and commit time every day to your own healing and growth?

  • Are you dedicated to treating others with unwavering respect, consideration and kindness in order to create a supportive community for healing, improved well-being and thriving?

  • Are you interested in exploring and implementing tools and practices from an authentic ancient mystery school lineage including meditation, ritual, releasing limiting beliefs, and mind-body-spirit integration practices? 

I invite you to join me for this life-transforming experience!

This Empower Thyself Spiritual Masterclass Training is designed to set you up for success in achieving results and transformation.
You will learn Ancient Mystery School tools of power to support your continued growth and healing after the course is over so that, as you put what you learn into practice, you will experience greater wellbeing and increased capacity to achieve your goals, overcome obstacles and catalyze your ability to move through life lessons more quickly. It works if you do the work.


By making yourself a priority, you will empower yourself to commit meaningful time to your well-being, develop effective new habits to support you on a deeper level of spiritual wellness, and master ancient lineage tools of power that have been used by initiates for over 3000 years to create a life of meaning, purpose and joy that  that will serve you for the rest of your life whether you choose to pursue further training or not.  

I can attest to the power of these practices from my personal experience. It's why I've chosen to dedicate so much of my time to opening the door for others to experience these positive shifts in their own lives and start to become more effective creators and architects of the life of their dreams.

For this 2-day small group experience, valued at $2060, you will invest just $1700 in yourself. 

If you register by the Early-bird Registration deadline you will save an additional $200. 

Not Local to Michigan? Are You Traveling Here for the Empower Thyself Program?

Detroit Metro airport (DTW) is the main international airport. It is a 60-90 minute drive to our house depending on traffic. Flint airport is a small airport north of us which is about a 45 minute drive.

There is a CandleWood Suites within a 15 minute drive of our house, located off Lapeer Road/24. The address is 4303 Interpark Dr, Auburn Hills, MI 48326.

I can also take a look to see if there is a Guide near you so you can take Empower Thyself locally. Reach out and I will be happy to help you.

Payment Plans: Payment plans are available. Contact me to inquire.

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