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The Power of Silence

Updated: May 6, 2023

"In silence we must wrap much of our life, because it is too fine for speech."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

This week I started sharing some emails and posts on our Divine PowerHouse private facebook group to provide a positive focus as we traverse these days, which are for many persistently emotionally turbulent days.

Today the topic had to do with Silence, which is a powerful and often under-appreciated virtue. It's so important, in fact, that I wanted to share it here with all of you.

Not only does the ability to hold your tongue and refrain from acting and speaking on impulses reflect a high moral standard. There is a deeper and even more important aspect to the power of Silence and its importance in our life, growing and evolution. Silence has a potent effect on the capacity of the human Spirit and the nurturing of a more enlightened human experience.

The Tree of Life and Awakening Our Human Potential

Let me explain first by putting this in the context of our current group sharing of 11 statements/affirmations/activations that I do every day, often twice a day. They are called the Pattern on the Trestleboard. These 11 statements correspond to the Sephora in the Tree of Life in the Universal Kabbalah which is, very simply speaking, an energetic blueprint of the human body and life. These statements create an opportunity for us to reflect on who we really are and awaken something powerful. positive and empowering in ourselves as we consider the implications of each phrase.

Silence is the virtue represented by Binah on the Tree of Life, and the fourth statement. It is associated with Understanding, with Divine Mind.

Divine Mind represents our capacity to reach the deeper (or Higher) understanding of things which have been hidden from us. This is an Understanding about how the world and this human experience work on a deeper level, beyond the apparent limitations of the physical world. It allows us to understand the process of Life and its perfection.

The statement associated with this Sephora on the Tree of Life is: "Filled with the Understanding of its perfect law, I am guided moment by moment along the path of liberation."

Believe in Your Potential and Act Accordingly

These statements encourage us to think about the fact that we, and this human Life, are more than we have been told. We hold a capacity for greatness and Goodness far beyond what society has led us to believe. Our power to create in our life is far beyond what most of us can even imagine right now. 

I'm here to tell you whole heartedly that this is absolutely true. The key is in finding your path into that power and out of the conditioning that keeps us acting and living small. The key is in awakening that potential within you, intentionally developing it. The key is also in connecting with the truth of who YOU are, not in trying to live someone else's truth.

The Power of Silence

Silence is necessary for us to truly hear. In cultivating silence, we are able to create the stillness necessary to receive the Greater understanding that can only be heard once we move beyond the chatter of the mind and the distracting pattern of thoughts which are re-enforcing our current beliefs and behaviors, and therefore our current experience of the World.

It is in silence that we can align with the Higher Knowing that is our birthright as humans on a journey of evolution. In Silence, we can enter what I like to call the "Void". It is a place of pure stillness and potential that holds all the information we need to evolve and learn and grow and progress on our path. The more we develop our capacity for Silence, the more Truth and Understanding with a capital "U" we can access and hold. Silence, both physical and mental, allows us to clear out the clutter of activity and patterns of energy which are running on autopilot and reset. That is one of the reasons Silent Retreats are such a powerful tool for our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health. Mindfully setting aside time where you are able to get still and tough Silence creates an environment where new Understanding can enter your awareness.

Supporting your Capacity for Silence

An important part of resilience is developing the ability to become still and rest in Silence. Deep Relaxation coupled with awareness is one doorway to that experience. This allows your nervous system to enjoy a DEEP RESET and gets you out of the "fight-or-flight" response we experience with the chronic stress that is ubiquitous in the Western world. This, in turn, allows you to become more receptive to helpful new patterns of thought and behavior in your life.

I lead monthly Max Meditation which is a great way to learn how to enter a space of deep silence. Sign up for the next Max Meditation Event.

I can't tell you how many people love this meditation system and have told me it is their favorite guided meditation for experiencing deep relaxation and feelings of peacefulness.

The Max Meditation system guides you through whole body and mind relaxation, breathing and imagery which brings you into a state of deep relaxation and conditions your mind to be able to enter rejuvenating and meditative brainwave states more easily.

  • soothe your mind

  • release the physical, mental, and emotional components of your mental restlessness

  • reduce the negative thoughts in your head

Finding Fulfillment

The Truth about how this world works is much deeper than what appears to be happening on the surface. We are multidimensional beings. Beginning to understand and experience the deeper workings of this reality allows us to create a life that supports our Soul journey and our Purpose for being here. This purpose is far more important that having a nice car, more money, romance, the "perfect" job, or any other physical comfort.

Those things are all a welcome part of a fulfilling journey, but without some sense of your deeper purpose and a life that is lived in fulfillment of that these physical comforts do not fill the deep needs being expressed by our Soul and Spirit. In fact, without also addressing these deeper "Soul Needs" all the physical comforts will never bring you a deep sense of fulfillment, peace and inner happiness. This is one of the major causes of persistent feelings of discontentment, depression and unfulfilled desire.

If you are feeling these ways, if you recognize patterns in your life which seem to be a cycle of "chasing happiness", then I invite you to reflect on the deeper desires of your Soul and Spirit and invite those to come into your conscious awareness so that you may take productive and well-motivated steps toward creating a more fulfilling life for yourself.

There are many ways you might do this:

  1. sit quietly and ask for guidance while you allow your thoughts to become still

  2. seek out meaningful conversation with someone you trust to support you and listen in a non-judgmental way as you "talk out" these ideas

  3. consider a Life Activation to support your opening and connection to these Truths about yourself

EXERCISE: Entering Silence to Overcome Struggle

Sit down and hold the intention to connect with the Light (God, Divine, whatever concept resonates with the purity and Goodness inside of you). This is the purity of the Divine that is here to support you in your progression toward the Light and greater Understanding. As you sit within this Light, intend for you to be totally protected and brought to a place of Spiritual insight guided by the Benevolent Beings that are working to support your spiritual evolution and realization of inner peace. You might visualize being surrounded by White or Purple Light. Now, sitting securely within this Light, let this phrase grow large in your mind:


"Filled with the Understanding of its perfect law,

I am guided moment by moment along the path of liberation."


You could call upon Archangel Tzaphkiel to help you explore and experience the implications of this statement. He is sometimes known as the Prince of Spiritual Strife against Evil. He helps us confront the challenges that face us with a spiritual approach that is effective in overcoming them and that understands that any conflict in our life is pointing to a need for greater Understanding.

It is here that we acknowledge the growth which comes from the struggles we face in life and the learning we acquire through the process of Understanding and overcoming them. We can look upon struggle with some appreciation for the gift inherent in the experience when we approach our troubles from a Higher perspective.

  • Let the words in the statement grow large in your mind.

  • Let the FEELINGS they bring fill you.

  • What deeper insights arise about any struggles you are facing in your life?

  • What insights or feelings do you receive about the deeper meaning of these struggles?

  • Can you find a seed of Truth underlying the cause of these struggles, the lessons they hold for you?

  • How can you use the experience of seeking to effectively overcome this struggle as a path to gaining a deeper understanding about how the world REALLY works, how to use spiritual methods to overcome strife in your life?

  • In what ways are your thoughts, actions and beliefs working against the resolution of this struggle?

  • In what ways are your thoughts, actions and beliefs working to move you into a place of greater understanding about this lesson and resolution of the struggle?

  • Ask for guidance and then watch for the signposts. Those might look like a word on a bumper sticker, a phrase you hear from a stranger in passing, the words of a song playing on the radio, a subtle change in perspective, a new thought that seems a little different than your "usual" MO.


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