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Becoming Whole (Rather Than "Perfect")

Updated: May 6, 2023

Are you a perfectionist? I know I am! There are definitely some pros to being detail oriented and exacting in our standards, which is a cause for pride for many type AAA personalities. As with all things, there is also a dark side to perfectionist tendencies. Especially if it becomes an obstacle to self-acceptance and self-appreciation.

I'm sure I'm not alone when I share that for a long time I was super hard on myself, over-driven and self-critical in my endless quest to be "better"...or maybe, if I'm honest, to satisfy that nasty little voice inside my head that was always telling me I wasn't "good enough". Is that insecurity? Probably to some degree. It was also conditioning. My whole life I was encouraged to "push, push, push", be better, smarter, stronger. Sound familiar?

When your goal is "perfection" there is a never-ending treadmill you run on after that ever-elusive proverbial carrot.

Now, I'm not saying we shouldn't get some major props for working hard and being dedicated to living the best version of ourselves that we are capable of living. Change, after all, requires change. And that requires mindful effort to break free of the chains that are limiting us. Mostly, those chains are rooted in our limiting beliefs about ourself and our life.


Growing, in its most nurturing and effective form, is motivated not by judgmental criticism or rejection but rather by Love and a gentle, wise acceptance of what is now, of who you are now. Once you accept what is, you can transform it. In fact, ancient spiritual wisdom tells us that in order to transform anything, you must first understand it and accept what "is". That includes YOU!

If you think of it that way, acceptance is a form of Self-compassion. For in acceptance of who you are now, you create the foundational conditions for your growth and healing.

From this place of Self-Compassion and acceptance, you can then engage with discernment and enlightened, honest self-inquiry about whether who you are now is serving you in the best possible way toward your goals and aspirations. If not, from this place of acceptance and connection with your inner strengths, you are empowered to explore growth and change and transform your limiting beliefs into awakened Self-interest and Self-empowerment.

Healthy spiritual, emotional, physical and mental balance is absolutely required to perform at your best. This is also a balance that is required to engage passionately with life.



How do you find that balance of competence, personal and professional excellence and Soul thriving?

How do you create a balanced career life that supports your financial well-being in which you don't lose "You" along the way? Or, in the event you feel like "You" was already lost at sea ages ago, how do you reclaim your Soul?

How do you exert meaningful effort toward making some absolutely necessary changes to "be a better/happier/more peaceful/more compassionate/more joyful/(insert adjective here) person" while ALSO accepting exactly where you are now on your journey of Becoming?

How do you appreciate your journey non-judgmentally and with a healthy dose of curiosity and interest in your process?

You weren't, after all, designed to be inert. And it isn't good or healthy to stop growing. That, in fact, leads to a lot of problems.

One way is to adjust the goal. Instead of "Perfect", what if we aimed for "Whole"?

The goal is not, actually, to be "Perfect". It never has been. It is to be "Whole". The goal is to integrate the past, present and future into a healed and thriving Whole-Self that is able to engage with Joy in Life.

There is no "perfect", because "perfect" implies a static end state. There is no "perfect" because we are a process of continual change and Becoming Whole.

What does "Whole" mean to you?

What does "Whole" feel like to you?


If you would like to connect one-on-one with me for some personalized support, reach out to schedule a Life Activation and/or Spiritual Mentorship Session, or drop me a line at to set something up. I'm here for us. Not sure? We can set up a quick 30 minute zoom chat to see where you are in this great journey of life and whether what I can offer might be a good fit to empower your continued positive growth.

I have over 45 years of experience in being a human, over 25 years of experience in loving partnership with my husband, over 20 years of experience in being a successful veterinary professional, over 19 years of experience in spiritual practices to upgrade the human experience, and a lifetime of perspective informed by spiritual experiences that have shaped my approach to living and growing. As a Guide in the Modern Mystery School, Ia m passionate about supporting your journey of Self-Mastery and creating the life you want to be living.

If you'd like some one-on-one life-brainstorming, idea-sharing, personalized practice building, help reframing, assistance accessing your own insights, or just generally would like some support in reconnecting to true self, I'd love to facilitate your process and help you identify the next steps that will support you in that process.

Ever since I can remember I've had a foot in two worlds, one firmly in the logical physical reality we all share and the other simultaneously in the unseen (translate "spiritual") realms, which offers me a bit of a unique perspective on some things. It's been amazing and challenging at the same time, and I've grown because of that in ways I never would have even thought to expect. I'd be honored to help you unlock your potential! Drop me a line.

Life Activation is a great first step toward experiencing more Wholeness and opening the door to a more expansive and empowered life. Simply, you can think of this as an activation that re-connects you with your Divine Blueprint, the grand plan for your human life that existed before all the mix-ups and confusions that get tangled up in us through living on this Earth with others and the conditioning that we are exposed to as we grow from little humans into the version of ourselves we are experiencing now. Contact me to schedule a Life Activation, or schedule one on line.


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