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Are You Living an Activated Life?

Updated: May 6, 2023

“Everyone has been made for some particular work and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.” ―Jalaluddin Rumi

Life is an amazing journey of endless growth and possibility. Sometimes, if we are lucky, we stumble upon...or are guided that catalyze major shifts in our life experience, perceptions and growth. Some of these events sent me on a journey that eventually brought me where I am today, having some wonderfully empowering personal experiences and learning modalities to help others achieve greater clarity and inner peace.

In this Blog I'd like to offer some reflections on how we define ourselves, how we align with an authentic feeling of purpose in our life, and how we can support our own process of self-discovery and fulfillment.

  • How much time do we spend in self exploration?

  • How much energy do we put into discovering who we truly are outside of those imposed ideas and expectations?

  • Have we developed clarity around our own internal desires, passions, goals and dreams?

  • Are we living the life of our dreams?

I'd also like to share a little about a process called Life Activation that you may be interested in exploring to help catalyze your process of Self-Realization. This process has been beneficial for both Dan and I, in different ways unique to our personal journeys. The experience was so impactful for me that I traveled to Canada to receive training so I would be able to offer this process of Life Activation to others.


I encourage you to think about the positive transformative experiences in your life.

  • Did those experiences result from or lead to an increased sense of inner knowing, a deeper understanding of who you truly are, or more clarity in connecting with divine guidance?

  • What events led up to those experiences?

  • What positive effects came out of those transformative events?

Write these down and spend some time being grateful for them.

This is a nice thing to do every night or every morning. Just review the list and appreciate.


Many of us spend our lives trying to live up to external expectations. We spend a lot of energy trying to fit into the image our outer world seems to demand of us...peers, family, friends, colleagues, society, culture. We can get so caught up in becoming what others expect us to be that we lose ourselves in the process. Or maybe we've always been so influenced by what the world seems to want us to be that we have never really taken the time to ask ourselves what it is WE want to be?

If you are feeling fulfilled and like you are authentically living your life, a life uniquely your own at peace with who you are and where you are going, that's a good measure of a life well aligned.

I invite you to sit down, write and reflect.

  • Make a list of the ideas you hold about yourself.

  • Make a list of the goals you are focused on now.

  • Make a list of your personal deep dreams.

  • Make a list of what you would be doing if you could do anything...anything at all.

  • Make a list of what brings you joy.

  • Make a list of what lights you up on the inside, what makes you excited or hopeful.

  • Make a list of the things you used to do or dream about as a child.

Look at those lists and see how well they match up.

  • How many of the things on your first two lists are ideas and goals arising from your own inner drive?

  • How many of the things on the first two lists are ideas and goals arising from external forces or the need to "fit in".

  • Do the things on your first two lists support the things on your last 5 lists?

Look for ways your daily activities, efforts and energy can support your authentic inner desires, dreams and goals. As you do this, you may find you begin to develop more clarity around your unique life path. You may find you experience more happiness.


You were meant to be who you are.

The first step is exploring what that means.

The second step is living it. 



I would love to help you. It's one of the things that brings me joy. Whether you are interested in a Spiritual Mentorship Session, a Life Activation, or a Ensofic Ray Reiki Session, I'm here to help. If you'd like to schedule a free consultation over phone or Zoom as a first step in exploring options or discussing what might be most helpful, email me at or schedule on line here.


What I really love about this modality and the lineage it comes from is that it emphasizes personal empowerment as the path to awakening our potential and creating greater happiness in our own life and in the world.

The idea behind Life Activation is that as we begin to wake up to who we truly are, we are able to engage with life more fully. We begin to develop greater clarity and peace around our personal life path and connect more fully with our unique purpose in life. For some people these results are immediate, and for others is is a process of gradual unfolding.

As we connect more deeply with the truth of who we are, our well-being improves. When we have more peace in our inner world and love ourselves more fully, we are able to authentically act with more peace and love toward others. This shift in consciousness not only heals us but also, ultimately, the human heart at a time.

Life Activation, which used to be called DNA Activation, is an ancient modality of energy activation within the body. This process has been handed down for thousands of years through an unbroken Mystery School lineage whose desire was to help humanity step into its full potential by addressing healing on all levels: body, mind, soul and spirit. It is based on the foundations of hermetic teachings, which are the root of all authentic spiritual traditions on the planet and beyond religion, creed or beliefs.

Life Activation is an esoteric process which supports you in your efforts to realize your full potential and walk your unique personal path with more clarity and purpose. Generally, one can understand "esotericism" as a "form of spirituality that stresses the importance of the individual effort to gain spiritual knowledge, or gnosis, whereby man is confronted with the divine aspect of existence." — Historian of religion Henrik Bogdan, 2007.


Now more than ever, it is important for us to stand in our own power and take personal responsibility for the path our life is taking and how we are contributing in positive ways to the world. One of the best ways to begin this process is by creating some clarity around "Who am I?"; "What are my strengths?"; "How can I use this one precious life to make a positive difference in the world?"

We are not here by accident. There is a Divine aspect to everything in our existence. We are not beholden to some outside person or power to discover the mysteries of our own life, Soul and personal existence. This is a process of Self-Knowledge that we are each meant to find through living an authentic life. It is well within reach for each of us to connect with the deeper aspects of ourselves and to learn to honor the inner guidance that is unique to our Soul and Spirit. This is, at the heart of it, one of the powerful aspects of esoteric spirituality. It is a path to knowing ourselves more completely. This is a path of taking back our Power. This is a path of taking control of our life in a way that allows us to contribute to the positive growth and healing of humanity as a whole.

Whether we realize it or not, we are all part of one larger Human family. This Human family is on a journey toward something. That something can be positive growth, enlightened evolution, spiritual wholeness, integrity and Peace. That journey could also be a path of destruction, spiritual and physical poverty, selfishness and corruption.

What determines the trajectory of that Human journey is how many of us choose to wake up, stand in our Divine Power, harness our gifts and contribute in positive ways to out collective Human experience.

The first step in this process is to step fully into the Truth of who we are and understand that what we do in our life matters.

The second step is to heal our our Energy and our Subconscious Programming so that we can live with clarity, Love and purpose.

The third step is to share our gifts with the world and find positive ways to contribute to the kind of life and world in which we would like to be living.


Life Activation is a modality with a long lineage dating back over 3000 years. It activates your dormant energies to help awaken your understanding of who you are and facilitate connection with the divine aspects within and around you. In many ways we have forgotten who we really are. Life Activation can also be though of as a process of Remembering.

Life Activation is a tool for human thriving which works on a Soul and Spirit level. This sets it apart from many other personal growth methods and makes it a powerful tool to complement other personal growth work and self-empowerment practices you are already doing. 

Life Activation is a modality handed down with the ultimate goal of supporting the flourishing of peace within and between individuals. Outer peace starts with inner peace. This is where our power resides as individuals. This is where we are living in our strength as a Divine PowerHouse. When we are empowered as individuals to create positive change in our own lives, we empower our communities. When communities are empowered to create positive change, our world changes.

All change starts with individuals.

This is a goal and an understanding that I am passionate about supporting.


The realization of inner peace and positive self-empowerment centered in Love is both the healing our world needs and the path to achieving it. 

I would love to be able to assist you with Life Activation if you are in the Detroit Area (these must be done in person.) If a Life Activation sounds interesting to you, you can find more details here: Life Activation.

If you want help finding someone who does this in your area, let me know. I'm be happy to help you.

If you already know you want a Life Activation, schedule on line HERE send me an email at

May we Light up the world one heart at a time, starting with our own!


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