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Meditation is an important tool to help you develop inner stillness and increase your self-awareness. It can also be a very effective tool to have in your pocket to help your nervous system unwind and reset when experiencing stressful events. 

Being aware of what is happening in your inner world is required in order for you to know where you are starting and where you want to go to create greater peace, happiness and joy. This quest is what initially brings many people to meditation, an essential tool you will continue to use in your ongoing journey of growth and expansion of awareness. But it is not the end-all and be-all. I'm speaking from experience. 

Meditation can help you learning to manage your emotions, thoughts and actions and it is an indispensable tool to have with you on your path of Self-Mastery and Life Transformation. But meditation is only ONE tool. 

In the end, as we become more aware of our inner processes and patterns, we become more aware of our limitations. Many meditation techniques can be very helpful in allowing us to cope with life better, to feel more comfortable in our current situation. Often, though, we are left without additional tools to move beyond deeply ingrained patterns that disturb our peace of mind. We reach a ceiling of growth and get stuck there. This causes many people to abandon meditation all together, because being more aware of your obstacles without effective tools to move beyond them is frustrating and unrewarding. Or, perhaps worse, to think the improved level of coping they have achieved is all that is possible.


To move beyond those current limits requires something else entirely! It requires initiation in an authentic lineage that carries the power to deliver tangible results that will catalyze your efforts into results in transformation. It also requires dedication to yourself and your well-being so that you put what you learn into practice in order to create new patterns of living and being in your life.

Then meditation becomes a PowerHouse tool to help you rather than just a way to temporarily escape the stressors of daily life.

The Modern Mystery School has powerful lineage meditation techniques to help you get further faster. These are Max Meditation and Sanctuary Meditation. Max Meditation events are held monthly at Red Lotus Yoga. You will learn Sanctuary Meditation as part of the Empower Thyself Program.

Below are some simple meditations and offerings to help you as you get started on your path of Know Thyself.


You can use these daily to support you as a supplement to attending Max Meditations in person. There is definitely something special about meditating in a ritually prepared temple space with other like-minded people to support you. 

If you haven't tried Max Meditation yet, I invite you to attend our Next Event!

National Flower



If you enjoy the meditation above, join our Divine PowerHouse Online Community to receive a new guided meditation each week. Perks Include:

  • Monday night live series: guided meditation and Modern Mystery School Book club series throughout the year (on zoom: recorded for future viewing)

  • Meditation recordings and audios posted every week to support your self-awareness and stress release

  • Positive community support 

  • Group Chats

  • And more exclusive content!


Meet Your Meditation Instructor

Dr. Erin Bannink is a certified teacher through the Modern Mystery School. In addition to her current studies in the Western Mystery School lineage of King Salomon, Erin has intensively studied Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism in the lineage of the Dalai Lama, Yoga philosophy, mantra and inner body yoga since 2003. She continues to pursue her own studies and personal growth, as she believes that forward movement is vital to our physical and spiritual health and our ability to hold an effective and authentic space for others as they do the same. Every good teacher is also a student, always. 

Interested in Meditation?

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