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On-Line programs with Dr. Erin Bannink are available to our Divine PowerHouse Community members.

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Middle Pillar Meditation Course: Now On Demand

The Tree of Life in Universal Kabbalah and the Yogic Energy System carry interesting correlations. So much so that this Western Mystic Tradition and Eastern Mystic Tradition must share a common source or root knowledge.

Join me for a 6-class course to explore the Middle Pillar Meditation from a yogi's perspective. Through monthly recorded livestream classes and recorded guided meditations for daily practice, you will master the steps to this powerful subtle body practice you can do at home to heal yourself and your life.

This class is now on-demand. Watch recorded videos at your own pace.

About the Course

The MiddlePillar Meditation contains many components identical to subtle body yoga meditations I learned when studying these practices through the Tibetan Yogic tradition. This method merges body relaxation, pranayama (breath control), subtle body visualization, mantra and meditation to form a complete practice that is used to energize the subtle energy body with Universal Life  Force. In this way it promotes healing of the physical, mental and emotional bodies which are structured around it.

In the yoga tantra worldview, the physical world is a direct reflection of the way our energies are flowing in our subtle energy body. This is the same idea put forth in the original Hermetic teachings in the phrases "As Above, So Below" and "As Within, So Without".

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Course Content:


  • Recordings of Monthly Livestream Classes. ​

  • Recorded Guided Meditations to guide you through the practices

In early 2022 we will explored the components of a Middle Pillar Meditation practice in depth, starting in February with this 6-month step-by-step instruction to the complete practice. 


Each monthly lesson can be used to master the Middle Pillar Meditation or as stand-alone exercises to improve your self-mastery and ability to live with more intention.


By the end of the year you will experience self-healing and be a more effective architect of your life in a way that supports the realization of your full potential in alignment with the Divine aspects of yourself and the world.

You Will Learn:


  • The Anatomy of Your Energetic Body

  • Body Awareness

  • Complete Relaxation

  • Rhythmic Breathing & Pranayama

  • Mind Awareness

  • Concentration & the Use of Mantra

  • Awakening the Energy Centers

  • Circulating Your Life Force for Healing

  • Tuning to the Infinite

  • Complete Middle Pillar Ritual

  • Practicing the Presence of the Divine

In addition, as a Divine PowerHouse community member, you can chat with other members on

our private on-line community site, ask questions, share your experiences, request clarifications I can share through additional live-stream sessions.

How to Join:

  1. Become a members of

  2. Go to "Workshops"

  3. Purchase workshop ($90) and receive unlimited access to the workshop content for the life of your membership

    • Six Class Videos​

    • Six Recorded Meditations

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