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This is an 87 page journal to support you in self-discovery, goal setting and creating the life you dream of living. You can purchase the PDF and explore the content and journaling on your own, any time of the year. I recommend you print the PDF and place it in a nice binder so you can write directly on the pages.


While not required, I highly recommend a life activation to support you in accessing more clarity around the self-exploration exercises in this journal.


When you are ready to catalyze positive change in your life, Empower Thyself Training and Initiation will give you 10 Keys to Self-Mastery and 6 rituals to support you in overcoming obstacles in your life, moving through your lessons more quickly, connecting with your inner power, and protecting your energy field.


I invite you to join my on-line community to access additional resources that will support you on your journey and connect you to a nation-wide community of people who are also interested in making the world a better place and developing self-mastery to achieve thier highest potential in life. 


Sign up for the on-line community HERE.


There are images and introduction videos here in this product page to help you gain an understanding of the journey I have laid out for you in this powerful Self-Exploration process. 


Divine PowerHouse Journal: Create a Life You Love

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