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Time to Bloom

Updated: May 6, 2023

Today started with me enjoying one of my secret pleasures, exploring uplifting and inspiring quotes to share with you all. What I really enjoy about it is that the process often sparks ideas and brainstorms that inspire new ideas for Divine PowerHouse and that give me hope. Quotes are a great way to remind ourselves to reframe and refocus. And often they can wake up something inside of use that we didn't realize was there.

Every once in a while I hit on a quote that strikes a deep cord in me. This morning I found one and shared it on my facebook page. It was this one:

"They tried to bury us; they did not know we were the seeds."

Maybe this quote doesn't hit you in the heart strings like it did me. But the chord that it struck was the one in me that has become fierce, and strong and determined to learn to "Fall in Love with the World" regardless of whether I now experience that the World at large honors that, supports it or feels threatened by it. It's that place inside me that has matured through vulnerabilities and traumas and emerged stronger from the subsequent realizations. It is that place that started small and has grown into who I am now, today.

Since we are all experiencing change and many of us are being intimately reacquainted with our vulnerabilities as well as our strengths, I thought to share a little of my personal reflections and life journey with you all over the next few weeks. My hope is that it will provide a space to connect virtually, for you to get to know me a little better. And maybe something in my journey will help you feel more connected to the possibilities, hope and breakthroughs in your own.

So, back to this morning and the quote that cracked open my heart a little...the quote that released this little song of truth from my heart...the quote that sparked a recognition of something a little out of the "ordinary" know what I mean...

Sometimes the world seems a little harsh. Lets just be honest. And that harshness can seem to have squelched the Light inside of us.

I know there are many of you out there that feel like me.

There are many of you who feel you have a Light in you. That isn't such an easy thing to describe to someone else, but that Light feels like it's connected to something larger than you. It was strong when you were a small human. That Light was able to shine brightly through your life experiences for quite some time. But, eventually the brightness seemed to dim...or maybe you decided at some level to hide it. Maybe you were told, either outright or through perceiving interactions with others, that the World just couldn't handle you being quite so bright. Maybe your Light dimmed a little. Maybe, as your small self grew into your medium self and then your adult self, you encountered traumas and you buried that Light a little deeper. So your Light went dormant, waiting for you to grow into it. Waiting for you to grow into this "ordinary human life" so that you could hold the brilliance of that Light with confidence. Maybe it was just waiting for you to realize this isn't just an "ordinary human life", despite what you've been told.


If so, there is probably a part of you that knows you are here for a reason. Maybe that reason is clear to you. Maybe it still feels like a small seed in your heart. Maybe you wonder whether there was a deeper significance to those early experiences. Maybe you are hesitant to talk about it because you fear what others will say or what they will think. Maybe you are still a little afraid to stand in that power and really experience what it is. Maybe you are still concerned about whether others will accept you if you step outside of the mold. Maybe you feel alone in that.

You aren't alone.

Maybe you are a Seed for these times. Maybe that Light is your "Seedness".

The words from that quote, "They tried to bury us; they didn't know we were the seeds" spoke to these images and these secret places.

Seeds can sprout in the fertile darkness of the soil. And from that place of darkness, where they lie dormant and protected, in their season they sprout and grow into their full potential. They break through the surface and find the light. They bring their fruits to nurture a world in need.

Your "Seedness"

That Light you were feeling...that is your "Seedness". Maybe you've heard we are all made of Stardust. Maybe you are a Star Seed, and you carry an unusual Light inside you to fulfill your unique purpose in this unique time.

It's time for us to step into our Light now. It's time to take the hero's journey into our Power and bring our gifts unapologetically to the World.

These are the words that came from that small little quote I just "happened upon" this morning (if there is such a thing - insert a smile and a wink here).

I'm sharing them now with you:

Remember who you are.

Remember your strength.

Remember that you are important.

Remember that you are not alone.

The world needs you and your strength.

Discover who you are, your gifts and talents, your Heart...and do what you can to share that with the make the world a better place.

The world needs people motivated by a fierce Love and Compassion for the suffering of the World. The world needs people who are strong enough to hold that Light for others and not submit to fear and hate and smallness. The world needs people courageous enough to do their own personal work, to take a look at their own darkness and heal it instead of acting out from it. The world needs people who have accomplished an authentic Strength that builds people up so we can become better together. The world needs people who understand that the way forward, the way to progress and innovation and success as a human race, is to honor those who hold a Higher vision motivated not by greed and personal agendas and egoism but by hope and the power of Goodness and trust in the potential of positive cooperation among individuals to move beyond our current perceived limitations.

We all need to do our internal work so we can fully step into our positive personal power.

Time for the Seeds to BLOOM. Time for you to Bloom.

So go! Bloom! You are welcome here. This is your Time.

And you are not alone.


Post Script:

Lets hold each other up.

Just let the Darkness be, and do what you do.

Don't allow it to consume your attention. It has it's own agenda.

You are an Instrument of Change.

Focus on your Light. What you focus on grows.

It's our Light that brings positive change.

And what the world needs now is your Light.

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