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Summer Solstice Ritual for New Beginnings

Updated: May 6, 2023

The Summer Solstice is a Time for Mindfully Ushering in New Beginnings.

Beginnings always start with an ending of sorts. What are your endings? What beginnings do you wish to welcome in? Do you have dreams? Today is the day to sit with those and allow yourself to dream big.

The Summer Solstice is the pinnacle of the solar energy in our yearly cycle. Solar energy is associated with the fire of creation, the yang energy of the yin/yang. It energizes our Yin Creativity. It provides a mobilizing force to the visions we have been nurturing. This time of year we think about how we can make our dreams living realities, bringing them into our experience of life.

Every creation first starts with an idea, an inspiration. For an idea to become something physical in our life, we must take physical action to bring that intention, that vision, into this physical world. It isn't enough to think about what we want. We must then act on that desire in order for it to become something physical. We must take real actions in the world in order for it to "manifest".

The Significance of Rituals

Rituals are a powerful way to bring intention, visions and dreams into physical manifestation. In ritual, we take an outer physical action that represents our inner non-physical intentions. Rituals symbolically, and literally, give our intentions a physical shape. I think of rituals as a way to bridge the "inner" with the "outer".

Rituals give physical focus to our intention. Physical actions, when done with intention and purpose, are the way we move energy from an idea into our physical reality. They also remind us that every action we take is meaningful. They remind us that we have power in creating our life. They are the way we make our dreams a reality.

Rituals can be a meaningful first step in making our dreams a reality.

You can think of it like making a statement to the World, to the Universe, to yourself, to God; "I am ready for this new thing to become part of my life. I am ready to take the necessary action to make this a reality. I am ready."

A Summer Solstice Ritual

By participating in rituals at the solstices and equinoxes, we tune-in to the natural rhythms of the Earth, Sun, Moon and our Higher Self. These seasonal transitions are a perfect time to remember our relationship to and connection with this Earth. Just as the Earth and seasons have natural cycles, so do we.

Normally I hold a Summer Solstice ceremony at my house this day. This year we aren't doing that, but you can have your own Summer Solstice ritual at home.

Think about the cycle of endings and beginnings. Recognize that while endings can feel uncomfortable or scary or sad, they also make room for something new to emerge.

Letting Go

Sometimes we cling to "good enough" at the expense of "amazing". Think of the ways you do that now. It is natural for us to get comfortable in our life. We even get comfortable with our discomforts, with our sufferings and sadness. Sometimes we take so much comfort in what we know that we feel uncomfortable with the idea of the unknown; with something new. If we cling to how things are or how things were, we can never fully step into the unlimited possibility of "something new". As long as we cling to the familiar, as long as we wish to solidify how things have always been, we limit what is able to manifest for us. In this way, we have to let die our clinging to the old. We have to let go of our attachment to the comfort of the "known" in order to open to the possibility of the "unknown".

Endings make space for the birth of something new in your life.

What do you wish to let go of or say goodbye to as you welcome the creative energy of this solstice? Write that down.

Make a bonfire. Now throw the paper into the fire as you hold the intention to let go of these things or ideas. As you watch the paper burn to ash, feel that you are letting go of this. Feel that you are allowing all your attachments to this old energy, this old way of being in the world, to burn away. Feel that you are free from it. It may help to imaging what you feel like with this burden lifted, with this old part of you released. Feel how good it feels.

Letting In

Now that you have created room, fill that space with a positive dream. What do you want to welcome into your life this coming year? After you have released the old, hold these dreams and visions in your heart and let them sink into you. These could be personal dreams and goals. These could be dreams for a new, better world. For global healing. There is so much transition right now. We are ripe for a New Beginning. A new Era. Send out a prayer.

Let yourself imagine and really dream. Let yourself feel what it would feel like to live a life where these dreams were a reality. Imagine the details of this new reality. What would it look like? What would it feel like? What would you look like? What would you feel like? What would be the benefits of this dream becoming a reality for you? What good and positive things could you bring to the world and to others? How would this new reality feel enjoyable to you?

Stand for Love

There is so much the world is asking of us right now. Will we rise to the occasion? Will we choose to do what we can do to usher in as much Goodness as we can?

We bring a unique and powerful gift to the world when we stand in the truth and beauty of our Power and Love. It's time to stand in our Power, live our life purpose and have a great time doing it!  

In this fast-paced and stressful western world, the support of a positive community of like-minded people can be a vital aide to fully embrace, embody and empower our "divine qualities"; in standing in the knowledge of our potential to create positive change in ourselves and for the world.

I invite you to become an active part of the Divine PowerHouse community.

Someone said the other day when she was seeing me for a Life Activation, "I'm just ready for something to help me 'take the lid off'." That is just what Life Activation does. It is a tool to help release what is keeping you from connecting with your highest potential. There are so many ways we can support each other. I look forward to traveling this journey with you.

Wishing us all a prosperous year filled with positive new beginnings.

With Great Love,


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