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The Body is a Threshold

"The human body itself is actually a threshold."

John O'Donohue, Walking Through the Pastures of Wonder

Thresholds mark exiting one space and entering another.

There are so many thresholds we encounter every day, but the most significant is the threshold we cross from the mundane to the sacred.

How do we acknowledge these thresholds? In church we may pause before entering the sanctuary by making the sign of the cross or anointing ourselves with holy water. In yoga, we take off our shoes and observe sacred silence when entering the studio. The same is true in the East, when entering a temple with a reverent shoeless bow. These are all outward signs to remind us that we are about to enter sacred space, something Holy, something beyond mundane and into Other, into the invisible sacred space of Divine. It is in that sacred space of Divine, where Imagination rules and engages with the unseen, that we engage possibility.

John O'Donohue says, in Walking Through the Pastures of Wonder, "The heart of it all is that there is an indissoluble, radical, subversive connection between mind and reality. The structures of your mind, the way your mind works, the way your consciousness moves, its patterns, actually determine the world you inhabit. You cannot separate the two of them."

So, what does it imply to our experience of life to consider that the human body itself is actually a threshold? A threshold between the mundane and the Divine, between the ordinary and extra-ordinary, between reality and possibility.

I like this idea. It fits so perfectly into the Divine PowerHouse concept. The concept that we, each one of us, are PowerHouses for the Divine Energy. And this human body is the threshold between the ordinary reality and the sacred potential that can be reached in each of us.

How we engage with this threshold, how we acknowledge it, has everything to do with how efficiently we invite the sacred into our everyday experience.

Can we understand the significance of the body as an entry point of Spirit into Physicality? The clearer we are, the more we can invite that Spiritual energy, the Divine, to enter through us, across the threshold of the physical body, into the world.

If we believe this, that our body is a sacred threshold to the Divine, how would be be in our body? How would we think in our body? How would we care for our body? How would we enter the sacred space of imagination in the temple of our minds where we encounter, and in fact engage, that which is Divine, by whatever word you call it?

Would we visit this sacred space every day, knowing that it is the fastest path to experience that which we are all seeking so fervently; love, acceptance, wholeness and purpose? How do we enter this inner space and cross the threshold into Sacred?

If what many sages, psychologists and prophets say is true, that our mind determines the world we inhabit, we begin to realize that the way we think about our body may, in fact, be a determining factor in our ability to see the Divine manifest in the world we experience. We are the threshold. We are the ones that invite the Divine into our minds, through imagination, and therefore into our world.

Cross the threshold of the body, with reverence and respect, to the sacred.

Sacred Ritual is one method by which we bridge the physical and spiritual and invite the Divine into the world. It is the way we transform ourselves and our life with a speed unrealized using mental processes alone.

Initiation is one method by which we increase our capacity to hold the sacred, the Divine energy, within us.

It's why Divine PowerHouse offers Initiation and teaches Sacred Rituals through the Empower Thyself Program. It is the most effective way I have experience to catalyze this process. To help you be a Light in this world, a Light fueled by Divine Energy.

The Divine enters the world through us.

But we must choose to be the door, to make our body an unobstructed threshold between the physical and the Spiritual.

If you are ready, I invite you.

Take off your shoes

Step inside

The temple of the Divine

Which is in your Mind

The Imagination

Rich in Power

Is the vehicle

for Transformation

Cross the threshold

of body, from the visible

into the Sacred Space

of the invisible

where all is possible

where potential is born

from the Divine Spark

which is Love

Are you ready for your next step?

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Starr Bielas
Starr Bielas
Jul 28, 2023

This also aligns with our book club selection, "Simplified Qabala Magic" by Ted Andrews. "By learning to work with the energy vibrations of our subtle bodies and level of consciousness that touch them, we can begin to open ourselves to that Divine Spark, those higher potentialities, residing in the various levels of our consciousness."

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