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Metta is a Pali word which means "loving kindness". Metta Meditation has been the topic of much research and is often referred to as "Loving Kindness Meditation". Metta Meditation is considered by many to be one of the most transformative single meditation practices when done on a regular basis with proper instruction.

While Metta Meditation is a traditional Buddhist practice used to cultivate altruistic feelings, its effects transcend religion and spiritual beliefs. The state of universal love which is cultivated in this practice brings us into a gamma brainwave state. This is the brain state associated with peak creativity and performance, mystical transcendence, unity consciousness and optimal well-being.

Metta Meditation utilizes four concepts that can help increase our well-being. In this practice we are getting in touch with the qualities of equanimity, loving kindness, compassion and joy which support the capacity for basic (and extraordinary) human kindness. 

With consistency, repetition and gentle daily effort, this practice supports an increased sense of peace and well-being. As we learn to express kindness and compassion toward ourselves, through practices like Metta Meditation, our capacity to experience and share positive emotions increases. This improves our ability to navigate challenging situations with more peacefulness and balance.

In mindfully attending to our own well-being, we are better able to make a positive difference in the world.

In this practice, we recite specific phrases which carry good wishes while purposefully inviting positive feelings to arise and allowing ourselves to experience them. 

If you connect in a positive way to this meditation, challenge yourself to listen to this once daily for 30 days and see what positive changes you notice. Keeping a journal of your experiences can be a helpful way for you to track your progress in finding more inner peace and contentment. 

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