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2021 Virtual Weekend Retreat

You are invited to this great opportunity to immerse yourself in a powerful full Weekend Retreat from the comfort of your own home! Get all the support you need, even if you've never done a retreat before!

We understand the importance of creating an experience that meets your individual needs.

That's why we have designed this virtual retreat experience to support you within your desired schedule.


We recommend blocking off your whole weekend for a nourishing and productive retreat, allowing yourself to really settle in with the ideas and have quiet space to reflect, vision and create a plan that fits your goals and personal strengths. 

But we invite you to create the personal experience that serves you best.

If you have  never done a solitary retreat before, I highly recommend you jump into the experience. It allows you to get quieter than you can in just one day. That stillness can bring clarity that you may never have experienced before. 

Your Options:

  • Use the live events to support a full weekend home retreat

  • Follow along live Friday evening, and Saturday and Sunday 11-3:30pm EST then do your own thing

  • Listen later - everything will be recorded


Enjoy the perks of an exclusive ReSet ReVision ReCreate Retreat virtual community.

Upon receipt of your paid registration you will be invited to the Divine PowerHouse Mighty Network exclusively for participants of our ReSet ReVision ReCreate Retreat.

  • Start connecting right away with a like-minded community of people to share your passions, ideas and questions

  • Read articles curated specifically to help you prepare for a rejuvenating and inspiring start to 2021

  • Connect with your retreat instructors

  • Access all the Zoom retreat classes January 8-10 from one easy to navigate centralized location

Need more guidance? No problem! We've got you covered.

Sign up now for the supplemental "How To" workshop Erin is leading December 4th: "The Busy Person's Guide to Solitary Retreat".


We are excited to guide you through a meaningful weekend retreat and exercises to help you set in motion a powerful intention for 2021. If you aren't ready to commit to a whole weekend, then join us for the live activities and do your thing the rest of the weekend. Whatever serves you best. The LIVE events are meant to support your life and to give you a structured focus for making your 2021 the best year yet....or at least a powerful springboard out of 2020 into something more amazing!


We are all powerful creative forces.

We always have choices about where we invest our time and money and energy.

YOU are your most valuable investment. So block off January 8-10 for some important and well-deserved self-reflection, self-care and dreaming.


Our goal is to make this financially accessible for everyone. The rest is up to you.


Clear your schedule. Get your s*it together. And get ready to "unwobble".

You are a PowerHouse. Live like it!


Meet Our Retreat Instructors


Dr. Erin Bannink


Erin has a particular interest in bridging the gap which is often perceived between science and spirituality, recognizing that only when ...


Valentina Alvarez


Valentina trained with Dr. Brian Weiss, studying intuitive exercises and hypnosis techniques, with the intention of achieving ...


Andreina Febres


Andreina has been teaching dance since 2009 and got her 200 hour Yoga certification in 2019, after practicing for ...

Brian1 headshotRoundGray.png

Brian Granader


I have owned Red Lotus Yoga since 2003 and have been teaching classes, leading teacher training programs, retreats ...

ReSet ReVision ReCreate Retreat - Is the Retreat for you
Erin Bannink

ReSet ReVision ReCreate Retreat - Is the Retreat for you

Retreat Schedule - Eastern Time

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Welcome, Intro & Guided Relaxation

8:30pm EST: Welcome (Valentina)

8:45pm EST: Intro: Keys to an Effective Reset (Erin)

9:00-9:45pm EST: Guided Relaxation and Visualization (Erin)


How to Let Go of the Old to Create Space for the New

11-11:30am EST: Meditation: Recognizing Old Patterns (Valentina)

11:30-12pm EST: Journal

12-12:45pm EST: Movement: Gentle Dance (Andreina)

12:45-1:15pm EST: Snack

1:15-3pm EST: Talk: Keys to Moving Forward and Creating a Vision for Your Future (Erin)

3-3:30pm EST: Q&A: (Erin)


How to Manifest Effectively from Where You are Right Now

11-11:30am EST: Meditation: Embodying Your Desired Future (Valentina)

11:30-12pm EST: Journal

12-12:45pm EST: Movement: Gentle Yoga (Brian)

12:45-1:15pm EST: Snack

1:15-3pm EST: Talk: Keys to More Effectively Manifesting your Goals and Dreams (Erin)

3-3:30pm EST: Q&A (Erin)

Live Events

Retreat Live Events.png

By Participating in This Weekend Retreat 

you will get to:

  • Identify unconscious patterns that are holding you back from having the experiences you want to create.

  • Align with your authentic self in order to clearly see what is truly important for you.

  • Access your most desired experiences from within and learn how to effectively manifest them into your reality.

  • Define specific goals and reframe them, so they become super charged with the Universe support.

  • Experience the quietude of your mind and the clarity of an action plan.

  • Start 2021 from an authentic platform where you can accept the place you're starting from and use the strengths you already have.

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