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On-Line Programs

On-Line programs with Dr. Erin Bannink are available to our Divine PowerHouse Community members.

Join Divine PowerHouse On-Line programs at our On-Line Community.

A LOOK AT 2022

Going forward from March, we will be focusing on one new practice each month. Content will be drawn from subtle body yoga meditation practices, Tibetan Buddhist mind training practices, Kriya Yoga, hermetics, Universal Kabbalah 

These practices can be used to master the Middle Pillar Meditation and can also be used as stand alone exercises to improve your self-mastery and ability to empower yourself to live with more intention.

By the end of the year you will be more proficient in these practices which can be a daily component of your self-care and in becoming a more effective architect of your life in a way that supports the realization of your full potential in alignment with the Divine aspects of yourself and the world.


Think of this as a systems upgrade for your Divine PowerHouse!


Livestream Classes the Second Saturday of each month

  • March: Body Awareness

  • April: Complete Relaxation

  • May: Rhythmic Breathing & Pranayama

  • June: Mind Awareness

  • July: Concentration & the Use of Mantra

  • August: none 

  • September: none

  • October: Symbols of Devotion

  • November: Practicing the Presence of the Divine

  • December: Unity - All is God

Monthly Max Meditation (Sundays 7-8:30 pm EST) [subject to change]

January 9

February 27

March 27

April 10

May 22

June 26

July 17

August: none (traveling)

September 25

October: none (traveling)

November 20

December 18

Community Calls Every Other Month (Saturdays 12-1 pm EST) [subject to change]

January 22

March 26

May 28

July 30

October 1 

December 3

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