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On-Line Programs

On-Line programs with Dr. Erin Bannink are available to our Divine PowerHouse Community members.

Join Divine PowerHouse On-Line programs at our On-Line Community.

January Schedule

January Workshop: Create a Life You Love (additional registration fee)

January 30-day workshop kick-off (Livestream - Recorded)


January 1 (Saturday): Monthly guided Meditation Audio posted

January 5 (Wednesday): Monthly Wellness Focus posted

January 9 (Sunday) : Max Meditation 7-8:30pm EST (Live only)

January 22 (Saturday): Community Call 7-8pm EST (Live only)

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January Workshop: Empower Yourself to Create the Life You Want to be Living

January 1, we start our 30-day workshop to Empower You to Create the Life You Want to Be Living.

This 2022 kick-off workshop Is being offered only through our new DivinePowerHouse on-line community.

Sign up for DivinePowerHouse.Community 

If you miss the Jan 1 date, you can sign up any time. The late registration fee for the workshop is $199

About The January Workshop & the new Divine PowerHouse Journal we are using.

You will be participating in a 30-day self-exploration, self-insight, and visioning process to gain clarity on what is important to you and what you wish to let go of in 2022, all in the context of developing kind self-awareness, slowing down and Creating a Life You Love! 

We are doing all this using the structure and inspiration of The Divine PowerHouse Journal I designed and created to guide you through this process.

This January program will be indispensable in getting you connected to a goal for your activities this year and will allow you to make the most out of what we are doing together!


I'm offering this kick-off 2022 workshop in a special way at a special rate until January 1st because I believe it will be so helpful as a preparation for the other work we will be doing together throughout 2022.

  • EarlyBird (BEFORE January 1): $38/mo community membership & $20 workshop registration 

  • On January 1 (or after): $49.99 community membership & $199 workshop registration


Instead of a $199 Workshop fee, you will participate in the January Workshop to Create the Life You Want to be Living for just $20 by joining our On-Line Divine PowerHouse Community before January 1 to receive the EarlyBird deal.


After January 1, membership rates increase to $49.99 and it will be an additional $199 to receive the Workshop materials file.

This is what I've done for you to help you get the most out of this experience! :

As a Member of our Divine PowerHouse On-Line Community you will also enjoy the following benefits of to support you in your workshop journey and self-explorations:

  • Monthly audios of guided meditations and reflections relevant to our theme in January

  • Monthly LiveStream videos with information, reflections and tools relevant to living your life empowered

  • Community connection through Group Chat, posts, questions and polls related to our themes

  • Every other. month live community calls (first one is in January)

  • And more!


I'm looking forward to this journey with you!

Join the Divine PowerHouse On-Line Community 

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