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On-Line Programs

On-Line programs with Dr. Erin Bannink are available to our Divine PowerHouse Community members.

Join Divine PowerHouse On-Line programs at our On-Line Community.

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Practical Union of Mindfulness and Mysticism:
Now On Demand

This MasterClass Series explores the weaving of mindfulness, yoga philosophy, yoga psychology and mysticism and teach you how to use simple daily activities to transform your life from the inside out.

True transformation takes time and consistent daily effort. It also requires that you understand what you are doing and why in order to stay motivated and excited about what you are creating in your life through your new way of being in the world and in your body.

This workshop is a series of 6 recorded video classes.


How to Join:

  1. Become a members of (or log in)

  2. Go to "Workshops"

  3. Purchase workshop ($50) and receive unlimited access to the workshop content for the life of your membership

    • Six Class Videos​

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