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A Story of Hope and Healing : the power of being open to new experiences

Updated: May 6, 2023

Hi Spiritual Family,

I wanted to share a special story about Becky's experience of the shifts that can occur after receiving lineage healings handed down through the Modern Mystery School, ancient healings for modern times.

Becky lost her son many years ago, tragically. I've known Becky a long time, and it is being able to facilitate and empower others on their path of healing that make everything we do worthwhile.

I know from experience that we often suffer deeply in ways that we can't seem to find our way out of alone, despite our best efforts and using all the tools we have acquired so far. That is what brought me to the Modern Mystery School. And that is why I do what I do now in Divine PowerHouse. It has changed my experience of myself, and my life.

Becky's results may not be exactly what you will experience, but they illustrate that being open to something new can often be just what we need to shift out of patterns that seem like insurmountable obstacles to our happiness.

Often it is that first step onto a new path of hope that opens the door to everything toward which we have been reaching.

I hope her story inspires you and brings you hope and the belief that anything is possible, even if it might seem like that now.


In Becky's Words :

"If you only hear things you already know, nothing new happens. Read that again. Seems obvious, and yet I’ve been stuck near a decade in grief over Matt’s death. It gets better sometimes, worse at times too… and It’s been a long while since I’ve felt truly happy. I sometimes wonder if my partner at the time can remember the fun and vibrant woman he fell in love with, or if he wonders wether she’ll find her way to the surface again. Well I’m here to tell you she’s on her way back, and after only one session with Erin!! It took a minute, a few weeks actually, but I wake up now feeling rested, light, and joyful! I recently experienced a powerful disappointment since my Life Activation with Erin. Never have I ever imagined I would respond with Grace and confidence to such a serious setback. It can be scary to hear something new, to risk hope again, to risk hearing something that might contradict what you already know… I didn’t want to hear anything that might deny my Christian beliefs. My foundation of faith turned to rubble after Matt died. It’s been a long road back, and still quite fragile. There have not been any deep contradictions to my spiritual understanding with what I’m learning from Erin by the way… God and angels reach us where we are. You might say the Modern Mystery School is a modern look at ancient methods that have withstood the test of time. Erin and I have been friends nearly 20 years and during that time we’ve both been through some really traumatic stuff. We share a Christian faith, have had amazing experiences, and enjoyed great ancient teachings with a wonderful community through Yogic and Buddhist traditions. She’s always been there for me… and I’ve watched her become more and more happy as time passed. I’ve watched her evolve into this amazing wise and glowing woman. I trust her, and want what she’s having! I want more, and will be participating in the Empower Thyself program this July."

Would you like to experience the healing modality Becky received to activate her potential?

I did a combination healing which started with an energy cleanup, to clear out negative stuff from the energy field. Then a Life Activation to balance all the energy bodies, activate the spiritual DNA which carries the codes for the Divine Blueprint for your life, and clarifies the energetic and psychic connection with the Higher Self...that Divine Essence that we each carry through us.

Life Activation/Complete Energy Clean-Up

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