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Energy Healing for Pets

Energy Healing for Your Companion Animal

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Pet Healing with Energy

These sessions can be used to support physical healing and emotional balance.


Generally a "Healing Activation" and Pet Ensofic Reiki Session will be recommended for the first session. The "healing activation" is last part of the Life Activation process for humans, also sometimes called a Light infusion or DNA activation.

Contact Dr. Bannink for a free consultation to discuss your pet's energy healing needs. (*please note Dr. Bannink does not do oncology consultations during these calls and will not answer questions about their conventional medicine care or diagnosis. For that you will need to set up an integrative oncology consultation at OVRS.)


Your pet will be with you and will lie down comfortably on a bed or blanket in the temple space. You will be with them for the entire session and will need to be able to sit on the floor with them to help keep them still and settled during the entirety of their session. 

Additional Sessions will depend on your pet's needs.

Session length is usually 30-45 minutes and depends on your pet. There is a maximum time block of 60 minutes for your entire session so if your pet is not able to lie down to receive the treatment for a lengthy period of time, or you are not able to keep them still and settled, this may affect the length of the actual time they are receiving energy work. I recommend a kong filled with frozen food for them to lick during the session if your pet does not settle well without something to focus on.

Other pets should not be present for the session as this is usually distracting and may adversely affect the session experience.

Investment: $250 for first session

Discount if you book an Energy Cleanup and Life Activation for Yourself. Contact Dr. Bannink to discuss.


Contact Dr. Erin Bannink for a free consultation about Live Activation, Empower Thyself Initiation or Healing Modalities she offers through Divine PowerHouse. 

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