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Designed For Your Empowered Life


Empower Your Transformation

at every in-person meditation class

Experience the healing power of sound through chanting of healing mantras supported by harmonium and rhythmic drumming. Studies have shown that sound can be an effective tool to balance the brain hemispheres, decrease stress hormones, enhance immune function, and improve mental wellbeing. Mantras are sound formulas for healing.


Expand Your Consciousness

December 12, 2021

Multiple brainwave states have been identified that correlate with different states of consciousness. The Max Meditation system guides you through deep relaxation, breathing and imagery which facilitates an experience of these various brainwave states. This conditions your mind to be able to enter these states more easily & learn how to get the most out of your meditation practice.


Open your Heart

October Date Coming Soon

Through it's vast neurological network, the heart has a powerful influence on the body and the mind. Practices like Metta Meditation, which generate feelings of compassion, bring us into a gamma brainwave state. The gamma brainwave state is associated with peak creativity and performance, improved well-being, and access to deep states of intuition.

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